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Hating Trump corrupts the liberal media

Michael Reagan on

What is President Biden and his administration doing to fix all these national and local problems? Is he to blame?

Don’t expect the liberal media to ever press Biden to answer that kind of question. They’re not interested. All they know is, “We hate Trump.”

The liberal mainstream media hate Trump so much they'd never do or say anything that might help him win or hurt Biden in 2024.

I fear for 2024. I'm truly concerned about Republicans winning back the White House. I don’t think Trump can win and he’s not going to let anyone else try.

My greatest worry is that if he doesn’t win the nomination he will sabotage the nominee, guarantee a Democrat victory and destroy the Republican Party – if he hasn’t done that already.


Then there’d be a legitimate reason for me to agree with the liberal media who say “We hate Trump.”


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