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What to like about the GOP’s primary debate

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

As usual, there was too much cross-talk and chaos on stage.

And there was way too much partisan cheering and hooting by the audience.

But the first Republican presidential primary debate on Fox News was an entertaining spectacle.

Instead of watching Tucker Carlson interview Donald Trump on Twitter/X, it was a good way to check out the personalities and political positions of the GOP’s lineup of second and third stringers who have the impossible dream of beating out Trump for the party’s 2024 nomination.

No one jumped off the screen and looked presidential, or even vice presidential, but as I tweeted during the debate, the biggest winner was Nikki Haley.


The only woman in a rough-and-tumble verbal rumble with seven cocky men, she not only held her own, she kicked butt.

As tough and sharp as any man up there, she gave solid answers to questions about why it’s so important for us to support Ukraine and the reality of what Republicans can accomplish on abortion.

Haley said the Republican goal of a federal law on abortion was a pipe dream because it’ll take 60 votes in the U.S. Senate – and that will never happen.

And she was also not afraid to point out the obvious – that Republicans are also to blame for racking up our $32 trillion national debt.


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