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Biden plays the ‘Insurrection Day’ card

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

It was silly, but I was really hoping 2022 would be different.

A new year. A fresh start for America.

And an end – or at least a brief armistice – to the nasty political civil war that has tortured us for the last two years.

But after experiencing less than 12 hours of 2022, I came to my senses: On Jan. 1, I tweeted, “New Year, same BS.”

That’s how long it took FOX, CNN, CBS and the rest of the national media to show me that the only thing that was going to change about the year 2022 was the number.


Everyone in America is still mad at everyone else.

The country is still split into red and blue political camps. It’s still split into the vaxxed and unvaxxed.

And while the Biden administration continues to try its damnedest to wreck everything that still works in America, Donald Trump is still driving the Democrat Party and the media crazy.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proved how much Trump’s ghost haunts them on Thursday morning when they delivered their equally awful speeches marking the anniversary of Jan. 6, 2021.


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