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President Biden Owns the Kabul Disaster

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“Terror in Kabul.”

That’s what CNN branded its coverage of the two powerful suicide bombs that exploded in the sea of U.S. soldiers and Afghani civilians surrounding the Kabul airport.

As of late Thursday, 12 U.S. Marines and a Navy medic were dead and at least 15 other American military were wounded by suicide bombers belonging to the splinter terrorist group ISIS-K, who are rivals and sworn enemies of the Taliban.

The explosions outside the airport gates, which everyone knew were inevitable, also killed more than 60 Afghans and wounded at least 140 more.

The death toll from those bombs is sure to rise – and more bombings are expected.


Meanwhile, about 5,200 U.S. soldiers remain inside the airport’s perimeter as the chaotic and botched “Biden Airlift” continues to evacuate Americans, other foreigners and terrified Afghans.

No one – especially President Biden -- knows what will happen next, or if the humiliating and bungled evacuation will meet next Tuesday’s promised deadline.

It took Biden about eight hours before he addressed the country about the bombings.

Somber, serious and sad, he took responsibility – kind of – for the fiasco that has unfolded in Kabul in the last two weeks.


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