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Did I Really Hear Joe Biden Say That?

Michael Reagan on

The vast majority of gun homicides – 20,000 last year, the highest in 20 years -- are committed in cities with handguns – often stolen ones.

Few of those handguns were sold to the shooters by the rogue dealers whom Biden called "merchants of death” who “are breaking the law for profit."

The idea that an up-and-coming gangbanger in the Latin Kings of Chicago stops by the corner gun store to pick up a new Glock on his way to kill a rival is a liberal myth that will not die.

Gun-control nuts, Biden and the liberal media still think buying a gun over the counter is as easy as buying a six-pack, but that’s only because they’ve never had to buy one.

Here in California, where I live, buying any kind of gun – and ammo – involves a lot of paperwork and a three-day wait for the ATF to do its background check.

My son Cameron and I buy what we need to hunt with all the time at the same gun store.

The owners know exactly who we are, but they aren’t the ones who do the background check each time we buy a box of shotgun shells – it’s the government.

The gun store sends the information in and when we’re approved we go and pick up the shotgun shells. That’s how it works in the real world.

It’s pretty clear that people like Biden who are making these decisions have never hunted and never actually had to go out and buy a pistol for protection.


They don’t have to buy a gun because the people around them – their bodyguards and private security – do it.

At the end of his address Biden said something about giving high school kids a job instead of a gun when they graduate.

That was a great soundbite, I guess, if you think guns are the main cause of crime.

But what Biden should be calling for is for kids in our cities to be given a proper public education instead of the horrible one they’ve been getting for half a century.

About 75 percent of black and brown kids in grammar school are reported to be unable to read or do math at their grade level, yet now they’re being taught critical race theory and that the country was founded on racism.

Oops, sorry. I’ve got to stop. The contractor is here to see if I can fix up my garage to fit an F-15.


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