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Viva Las Vegas… Almost

Michael Reagan on

My wife, daughter and I usually drive over to Las Vegas two or three times a year.

We don’t go to gamble. We go for three things - the concerts, the dinners and the pools.

Concerts and most of the shows have yet to return in full force.

But otherwise, as we saw last week, Las Vegas has completely reopened.

Masks are still mandatory, even outside, and the “science” of mask wearing is as nuts as it is around the country.

You have to wear a mask when you enter a restaurant. But the moment you sit down you can take it off. Then a food server wearing a mask takes your order.


If you get up and go to the restroom, you have put your mask back on. Then you return to your table and can take off the mask.

It doesn’t make much sense to me - scientific or common.

Maybe Dr. Fauci can explain how the virus can’t get you when you are mask-less at your table.

Last week the mask theater at our hotel pool was even crazier.


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