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Trump's legacy is going to be tearing down the Capitol

Michael Reagan on

Wednesday was a sad day for America.

We watched the mob violence and lawlessness in Washington with a tear in our eye.

We saw images of the Capitol stormed by hundreds of yahoos who fought with police, broke windows and forced the evacuation of a session of the U.S. Congress. At least four died in the chaos.

Wednesday was also a very sad day for conservatives, the Republican Party and tens of millions of American citizens who voted to reelect President Trump for all the right reasons.

But it was a really terrible day for Donald Trump.

The shocking events in Washington on Wednesday - which he provoked with his stubborn insistence he had been robbed by the systemic cheating of Democrats - have soiled his legacy forever.


And please, before I continue, I don't want you Trump supporters out there to tweet at me with any of that "What about the violent BLM and Antifa riots in our cities all summer?" crap.

Those destructive and deadly riots by leftists were wrong and so was Wednesday's riot by Trump people in D.C.

It's not brain surgery.

Riots, mob violence and destroying private property is never right, even though many Democrats and the hypocritical liberal media think they're justified if they're done in the name of "progressive causes" or benefit them politically.


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