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America is Not a Land of Racists

Michael Reagan on

At least the media haven’t politicized the weather reports – yet.

Watching the next Category 4 hurricane hit Florida is about all I can stand to see on TV these days.

The news and cable talk shows are brutal – all-partisan-politics-all-the time.

Sports programs are almost as bad, thanks to their blind worship of the Black Lives Matter movement and its dangerous ideas.

The NBA coverage is the worst.

You almost feel like you have to swear your allegiance to BLM or confess to being a lifelong racist before every tip off – which is why the NBA’s TV ratings for this year’s playoffs are in the toilet.


The only sports I can stand to watch anymore are professional golf and bike racing.

Thank God the Tour de France started last weekend. All the announcers talked about was bike racing.

Not one time did they make me think that I was a racist.

It was a refreshing break from months of our mainstream liberal media pushing the line that America’s Blacks are victims of systemic white racism.


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