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Who Is Looking Out for America?

Laura Hollis on

There was -- presumably -- a time in the history of this country when both major political parties could honestly state that the policies they advocated for and taxpayer dollars they spent were legitimately for the benefit of America and Americans.

No longer.

Congress' spending diarrhea and President Joe Biden's executive mandates make clear that whoever the Democrats (and establishment Republicans) are looking out for, it certainly isn't this country or its citizens.

Americans were shocked and infuriated to discover that the $2.3 trillion spending bill Congress drafted in December 2020 gave Americans a paltry $600 in COVID-19 relief, but shelled out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to foreign governments like Sudan ($700 million), the Palestinian Authority ($250 million), Egypt ($1.3 billion), Pakistan and Myanmar.

Now, Congress is getting ready to spend another $1.9 trillion that Democrats are spinning as COVID-19 relief. Most of it, however, goes not for COVID-19 relief but to Democrats' pet projects that are largely unrelated to the pandemic. Some provisions are frankly destructive. The $15 minimum wage mandate in the bill, for example, has been projected by the Congressional Budget Office to cost 1.4 million jobs.

How is that good for Americans struggling to restart their businesses or find employment?


The bill provides financial assistance to farmers and owners of small businesses like restaurants. But policy analyst Betsy McCaughey revealed this week that much of the relief prioritizes farms and businesses owned by minorities and women over those owned by white men, no matter how much they've lost.

How is a policy of deliberate discrimination by the United States government good for America or Americans?

Biden's rule by diktat is every bit as bad as Congress' profligate spending, as a review of just a few of Biden's 55 executive orders, proclamations and memoranda shows.

For example, Biden's EO killing the Keystone Pipeline will destroy tens of thousands of jobs -- in high-poverty areas, no less -- and cost affected states tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues. Forbes energy author James Conca wrote more than two years ago that America's oil and natural gas production has increased, but the number of refineries has not; this translates to transporting ever-larger amounts of crude and natural gas farther across the country. Moving that fuel by pipeline is faster, less expensive and safer than trying to move the same amounts by truck or rail.


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