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The Left's Anti-Western Position Acknowledges Their Israel-Hatred!

Dennis Prager on

If you say "men give birth," we all know your position on Hamas.

Now, why is that? Why, if a person says "men give birth" or says that men who say they are women should be allowed to compete in women's sports, can we be virtually certain that the person sides with Hamas in its war to eradicate Israel?

Theoretically, the two claims -- that men as well as women give birth and Israel is the villain in its war against Hamas -- have absolutely no connection.

But they do -- for two reasons.

Reason No. 1:

When people have a distorted moral value system, that distortion applies to just about every issue. Just as a broken compass will almost always point in the wrong direction, a broken moral compass will do the same. However, to be more precise, people who say "men give birth" and who side with Hamas, i.e., progressives and leftists -- liberals don't believe men give birth or side with Hamas -- do not merely have a broken moral compass. They have a moral compass that works in the way progressives and leftists have configured it: North always points south and east always points west.


Some examples of how the progressive compass works:

-- Women who object to men who say they are women competing in women's sports -- even in weightlifting -- are haters and bigots ("transphobes"). The men who compete against them are heroes.

Adults who object to schools' sponsoring drag queen performances for 6-year-olds are haters and bigots ("transphobes"). The teachers who take children to drag queen events are progressive, compassionate and open-minded.

If a 9-year-old girl says she is a boy, the only therapists she is allowed to see are those who engage in "gender affirmation," which is, of course, a left-wing Orwellian term. The one thing these therapists do not do is affirm the actual gender of the child.


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