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Defund the Cartels

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After a tractor-trailer packed with more than 60 migrants was found abandoned in San Antonio, reporters pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for a reaction. As of this writing, 53 have been declared dead.

En route to Madrid with President Joe Biden, Jean-Pierre rightly called the awful story "absolutely horrific and heartbreaking." She then added, "The border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks."

On the other side of the political aisle, Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, blamed Biden's "open border policies" for the awful toll.

These two radically different views on the border represent the national divide, but no one should overlook criminal cartels' ruthless treatment of vulnerable people.

In essence, Jean-Pierre was putting the administration's situation on President Donald Trump's March 2020 decision to seal the border under Title 42, ostensibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

After he took office, Biden tried to lift Title 42, but a federal judge issued a ruling that required the administration to enforce the policy.


So even though he may not want to, Biden essentially has been ordered to enforce border law.

I would argue that his very reluctance sends a signal to wannabe Americans that if they cross the border illegally and they're not caught, they could stay for years.

And if they are caught, they can try again.

According to the American Immigration Council, 56% of people encountered by the Border Patrol during Biden's first year in office were expelled under Title 42.


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