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Female Republican candidate hit with Democrat’s playbook attacks

Christine Flowers on

When I was a teenager, my father belonged to Philadelphia’s Union League.

Back then, in the late 1970s, women were excluded from the membership rolls. I also remember that the female guests who dined with their male friends were politely asked to use the entrance on Sansom Street. It was a delicate way of showing that they were welcome to visit, but not to stay.

Unfortunately, I've been to see signs recently that it’s women handing out membership cards to the Old Boys Club. Or at lleast helping the Old Boys score points.

That’s very clear after watching what Democrats have been trying to do to Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

While I’m not certain that her opponent, Dan McCaffery is funding these attempts at character assassination, I have no doubt he welcomes the help. If he didn’t, he’d come out and say how dishonest they actually were.

There is a slew of new campaign ads tarring Carluccio as some nightmare out of the “Handmaids Tale,” willing to subject women across the commonwealth to forced pregnancies. It is the same sort of sensational half-truths that were used against Dr. Mehmet Oz in the last senatorial election, and which will be used against Dave McCormick in the next one.


But the attacks on her honor are particularly repellent, because they play on the old, tired trope that women only care about abortion rights, and the women who are even moderate on the life issues are a threat to women everywhere.

The Old Boys figured out how effective that could be when they listened to some Old Girls, and a perfect union was formed.

When I watch these ads, I think that the guys who want to keep a strong, accomplished female jurist from getting a seat on the highest court in the state are afraid of her. They can’t meet her head on, and so they use the subterfuge of caring about women’s rights, all the while trashing an actual woman who has displayed a great talent for protecting them.

For example, as a former federal prosecutor, Carluccio has been instrumental in getting weapons off the streets and drug dealers incarcerated. On the other hand, she has significant experience as a public defender, and understands the importance of protecting due process rights of the accused, some of whom also happen to be women.


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