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Media Elites Unfairly Grill Pro-Life Pundits!

Tim Graham on

The "news" networks don't practice any religious observances on their airwaves on Sunday, but they do have a fierce devotion to promoting their sacred "right" to destroy innocent unborn children. You could see this on June 26 during two interviews with Republican Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota.

On ABC's "This Week" and CBS's "Face the Nation," Noem was pressured, shamed and repeatedly interrupted as she spoke about an anti-abortion agenda. Pro-abortion rights Democrats were offered a much gentler touch.

ABC host Martha Raddatz threw hardballs like this at Noem: "The American Medical Association calls the Supreme Court decision a 'brazen violation of patients' rights,' saying that 'states that end legal abortion will not end abortion. They will end safe abortion, risking devastating consequences, including patients' lives.'"

This establishes some things:

-- The AMA doesn't sound like a medical association. It sounds like Planned Parenthood. Just like the abortion industry, they can't seem to distinguish there are two patients in any pregnancy.

-- Terms like "ending safe abortion" demonstrate that Orwellian language is alive and well. Killing an unborn baby isn't "safe for the baby." Then they warn of an abortion ban ending "patients' lives," as if the death toll increases after an abortion ban, not decreases.


This nakedly political and unscientific calculus was next demonstrated when Raddatz turned to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Raddatz began by happily declaring that in Warren's home state was "where abortion remain(s) legal, and the commonwealth's governor issued an executive order Friday to further protect women's reproductive health services."

Then she offered this poor excuse of a question: "You heard Gov. Noem there. She and millions of others believe this will save the lives of unborn children. Is that a position you can respect in any way?"

This also establishes some things:

-- Raddatz somehow thinks it's bizarre that millions believe outlawing abortion "will save the lives of unborn children." Maybe Raddatz doesn't think they're fully human.


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