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Alvin Bragg -- Nothing to Brag About

: Betsy Mccaughey on

Saturday afternoon, a Duane Reade security guard was severely stabbed and a shopper threatened by a knife-wielding thief at one of the chain's midtown Manhattan stores.

Roughly 12 hours later, a straphanger was shot in the hand as his train pulled into the 86th street and Lexington Avenue platform.

That's life in Manhattan, where transit crime, assault and shoplifting are raging.

"The city has changed so much," warned Ermal Gura, 35, of Staten Island, who barely escaped the knife-wielding thief. "We have to watch our backs in the stores and on the subway."

That's because Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg doesn't have New Yorkers' backs.

Thursday, minutes after securing a guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump on 34 felony counts, Bragg boasted, "I did my job."


Bragg's not doing his job. The mainstream media are gushing with adulation. But New Yorkers living in constant fear should find Bragg's stardom nauseating.

He's being hailed as a hero, but he's a menace.

Bragg should prioritize jailing violent criminals and repeat offenders, including the shoplifting gangs that are forcing stores to close.

Since the year before he took office, grand larceny crimes -- theft of property worth over $1,000 -- are up 33%.


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