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I have packed up the masks.

There may be areas of the country where vaccines are hard to come by, where smart, sensible people are still waiting in lines to be protected.

Not here. Not in most cities in America. The administration this week announced renewed efforts to go door to door if that is what is necessary to reach its vaccination goals.

They've been going door to door now in Los Angeles for quite some time. You'd be hard-pressed to find too many pharmacies that aren't offering the vaccine.

Around the world, people are dying for want of the vaccine.

But here, at home, let's be frank: We have too many people who are stupid or lazy or entirely irresponsible.


They didn't want to wear masks when they were essential to saving the lives of their loved ones.

They wouldn't put a mask on for their parents and grandparents, who are hopefully vaccinated by now.

They won't go around the corner to get a vaccine; they won't even answer when the visiting nurses come to their door.

So why on earth would they put on a mask now, because I am?


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