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Susan Estrich on

His staff used to brag that he was Donald Trump before there was Donald Trump. That was before he pled guilty but after he took to blaming his wife for the misuse of official campaign funds that allegedly financed his extramarital affairs.

Trump before, during and after Trump is more like it. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Rep. Duncan Hunter inherited his seat in Congress, a charter member of the lucky sperm club who utterly lacked political experience when he ran for his father's seat. But Little Boy Hunter certainly earned his stripes drinking and partying and paying for drinks for his favorite pretty lobbyists. His wife's fault? Add coward to his long list of unappealing traits.

Oh, and did I mention that he is a "conservative Republican"? That gives new meaning to those words. He's a lifestyle guy, and the only lifestyle he apparently approves of is one that involves cheating and lying and humiliating -- cheating on his wife, cheating his donors, cheating his constituents, lying when he took the oath of office, humiliating his family, making a mockery of our fundamental institutions.

Maybe President Trump will hire him as his communications director -- a job that would use all of his talents.

Or pick him as a substitute for Vice President Mike Pence, who isn't nearly the swinger that Trump and Hunter are.


Or just pardon him, like Trump does for all his crooked buddies.

We should be outraged. Ski trips at our expense. Drinks all around, courtesy of Big Man Hunter. We should be screaming bloody murder.

But compared with a president who would sell out our democracy, who cares about a hypocritical Republican who came to Washington with a big taste for swamp surfing? The swamp almost seems like home to these cads. They just keep filling it with more and more of their human garbage.

I don't think there is a single person who can name anything Duncan Hunter accomplished in Congress other than playing with himself. How many of his constituents who needed help got a drink or a ski vacation? That would be none. A kind word? I'd bet none. Blaming others who have done nothing wrong? Plenty.


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