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Trump's trail of tears and rage

Jamie Stiehm on

Please pass the schadenfreude. How sweet it is. Let me count the ways.

On this side of the Civil War, we're reveling in the summery rose garden of President Donald Trump's utterly failed few days. We hope to see many more.

Schadenfreude is a German word for pleasure at another's pain. True to his Teutonic roots, Trump is a master. Never have so many people been so insulted by one American president.

This time, the tables turned. After all the gloating before the Tulsa, Oklahoma, campaign rally, saying he never sees empty seats, America saw a blue sea of them. How humiliating. Thanks, Tulsa.

Thanks to John Bolton, too. It takes a knave to fell a rogue.

First, Trump's racist diatribe to cheering white people was his stock in trade. He missed a chance to extol the Trail of Tears, the forced march of Native American tribes to Oklahoma ordered by his favorite president, Andrew Jackson. "The General" was a fierce Southern slaveholder. (Outside the White House, protestors stormed Jackson's equestrian statue late Monday.)


But the main event was thousands of empty seats, giving the lie to trumpeting boasts. We know Trump cares deeply about crowd size from the first day, when the National Mall was half-empty for his "American carnage" inauguration. Why would anyone want to miss that?

That drove Trump to fits of rage on Air Force One. How delightful.

The graduating class of West Point cadets was a coerced audience, forced to listen to his bombast. They forgot to cheer when Trump announced his (74th) birthday was the next day. He sure looked aged, tip-toeing down a ramp.

The latest polls are a pleasure. Trump, falling behind Joe Biden, is slipping in small steps with his base. He rarely wins new supporters.


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