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On Exactly What Team Was Ronna McDaniel Playing?

Froma Harrop on

Really, what would be the use to NBC, or Fox News for that matter, of a political analyst who lacks a shred of conviction and is so cynically self-serving she didn't even think to hide it?

As a pure business decision, this hire was inexplicable. Yes, the news shows need a wide range of views. Even MSNBC invites conservatives to the set, and most of its audience seems cool with it. But would the audience be cool with hiring a paid political analyst who tried her hardest to throw out their vote for president?

Do the chiefs at NBC even know the serious incompetence behind their decision to employ McDaniel -- someone who joined Trump on a phone call pressuring Michigan canvassers to reject the election results? There would have been massive boycotts of NBC News, never mind MSNBC.

Do note that Todd and Joe Scarborough and other NBC/MSNBC commentators risked their contracts by publicly berating the parent company executives for their harebrained choice of an election denier as a political analyst.

That goes double for taking on someone who knowingly lied about who won a presidential election, but also admits that she lied. Whatever team Ronna McDaniel is playing on certainly shouldn't have been team NBC. Not even for a day.



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