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If your company is looking for new opportunities to grow online, we invite you to consider working with ArcaMax Publishing. Whether you are buying or selling media, we welcome the opportunity to begin a dialogue.

Advertising Opportunities

ArcaMax email subscribers and website visitors reliably read our content on a daily basis. Our content is new and fresh every day... the best syndicated news, comics and columnists around. We are delighted to provide sponsorship opportunities to make it easy for you to associate your campaigns with this content and present them in the best possible light.

Whether you have a large online media budget or you’re new to online marketing, ArcaMax Publishing has advertising options for you. We serve more than 6 billion advertising impressions per year, including online newsletter insertions, solo emails, website banners, text links, and co-registration.

Co-branded (COBRA) Partnerships

ArcaMax is introducing a plug-n-play, co-branded newsletter revenue stream. We use our vast resources of content (over 200 topics), our premium advertising base and our in-house ESP to provide publishers a branded, relevant and engaging newsletter product. You'll be able to take advantage of our inbox delivery to solve the biggest challenges in today's email environment.

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Media Buying

For companies interested in selling advertising to ArcaMax, we are always searching for new sites to promote our email newsletter subscription offers. We have over 300 newsletter titles available, so there are almost certainly several titles that would be ideal to feature to your traffic.

Detailed Online Reporting

Our reporting interface keeps you updated with the results of your ArcaMax campaigns, helping you maintain control of your budget and inventory. We’ll provide the metrics you need to measure success in a timely and reliable fashion.

Many of our long-term advertisers work with us to test new offers, subject lines, creatives, and landing pages. We've been told many times that our double opt-in list is a consistent barometer of performance for their consumer offers across the internet. If you need a quality external list for testing your consumer offers or driving traffic to successful campaigns, please give us the chance to discuss your advertising objectives.

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