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Advertising Code of Conduct

Our Pledge to You, Our Readers

Like most publishers (both online and offline), we sell advertising to earn revenue for our company. We are pleased to be able to serve our subscribers by bringing quality offers from other companies.

Because we value your support - and your trust - we subscribe to the following practices when evaluating potential advertising offers to our subscribers:

  • We will not run any ads that promote violent, pornographic, or otherwise harmful products.
  • We will not run any ads that make claims that are obviously false or promise questionable results from their product or service.
  • We will discontinue ads that receive an inordinate number of unresolved complaints from subscribers responding to the advertisement.

Here at ArcaMax Publishing, we have families too, just like many of our subscribers. In considering whether or not to run an ad, we'll often ask ourselves how we'd feel if one of our children were to see the ad. We consider the content of the ad as well as the medium. An ad that might not be appropriate in one newsletter may be approved for another.

We do not run all ads that come our way. We are careful to consider the interests of our subscribers when making these decisions. We hope that you know that we appreciate your subscription with us and will feel comfortable responding to the offers that interest you

Political Advertising: ArcaMax accepts advertising from all across the political spectrum. We are non-partisan and endorse no particular viewpoint. If you would like to see your preferred candidate or party featured, please contact them and encourage them to consider ArcaMax as an advertising partner! We are committed to free expression for all.

Thank you for your support.

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