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Co-Branded Newsletters

Have you ever considered setting up a newsletter on your website? Perhaps you'd like to generate more revenue or remind your users to come back to the site. If so, here's a new solution to consider.

ArcaMax is introducing a plug-n-play, co-branded newsletter revenue stream. We use our vast resources of content (over 200 topics), our premium advertising base and our in-house ESP to provide publishers a branded, relevant and engaging newsletter product. You'll be able to take advantage of our inbox delivery to solve the biggest challenges in today's email environment.

We know it's tough to develop a successful program; let us help.

We'll work with you to set up a subscription offer and then we do the rest. The programs are customizable and operate on a revenue share. Plus you can include content from your site daily and a link back to encourage repeat visits.

Popular categories include: Health & Fitness, Savings & Deals, Religion, Entertainment, News, Comics, Family, Trivia, Games, Recipes and more!

Start earning revenue with email!

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