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ArcaMax offers five different categories of advertising:

  1. Email newsletter sponsorships
  2. Solo email list rental
  3. Website display
  4. Co-registration
  5. Offline List Rental

Please submit a business development inquiry here to discuss other types of opportunities.

Many of our content newsletter readers also receive third party solo email campaigns. As a result, a standalone campaign to our readers can be very effective. Our email is recognized and trusted. Because our readers do receive content email they value from us, our sponsored email has a better chance to capture their attention in a favorable frame of mind.

Highlights include:

  • Online tracking
  • A-B testing services
  • Targeting by DMA or zip code

Since 1999, has grown to become one of the premier content sites on the internet.

As you visit our site, you'll come across hundreds of well-branded, nationally-known syndicated features that run the gamut from popular comic strips (including Garfield, Peanuts and Dilbert), to popular social and political columnists, to financial, home and lifestyle features and videos.

New for 2015 was the availability of four distinct Native Advertising slots (see details below). This cutting-edge, textually-focused unit may help your campaign effectively reach an entirely new audience, as opposed to traditional display banners.

So... our quality content PLUS an attractive, modern website design and layout provides a better user experience for our readers, as well as superior results for our advertisers.

ArcaMax desktop and tablet-viewed website pages contain only TWO Display Ad Slots, and both are “above-the-fold” (see details below); this improves viewability for your ad and helps fight against the “ad blindness” suffered on so many other websites. ArcaMax Mobile (Smartphone) pages have differing ad slots, depending upon content type (see details below).

Your display campaign may be targeted to DESKTOP, TABLET and/or MOBILE users.

Per Google Analytics*, here are our approximate daily pageview counts:
  • 190,000 Desktop
  • 80,000 Mobile
  • 60,000 Tablet
*Figures for February, 2017

Want to know a little more about our audience? You can find a good overview of our user demographic profile in our Quantcast Analysis:

Now, please read on carefully for the complete picture on our new placement options!

  1. Editorial Display
  2. Editorial Native
  3. Comics Display & Native
  4. Mobile
  5. Rates & Specs

A: Editorial Display

Leaderboard + Skyscraper
Leaderboard + Rectangle

B: Editorial Native-Desktop and Tablet

Native 1, 2 & 3 appear in top-to-bottom order on home page and channel index pages. Native 4 is on article pages, immediately below text.
Native 1, 2 & 3
Native 4

C: Comics Display & Native

Leaderboard, Skyscraper & Comics Native

D: Mobile

Editorial Mid-Story & Post-Story
Comics 1 & Comics 2

E: Rates & Specs

Please click here for our current website advertising rates and specifications.

If you market your goods or services online, you likely have a strategy in place to stay in touch with your clients via email--perhaps with seasonal promotional info, or with regular site or product updates. Co-registration with ArcaMax can be a great way to help build your email list! (Note: to get maximum benefit out of an ArcaMax "coreg" campaign, you must already have either an in-house or 3rd-party autoresponder system in place).

Here's our coreg process:

User sees an offer for one of our newsletters, either on, or one of our partners' sites.

User submits their email address to request a subscription.

Our 3rd-party validation service confirms the email is live and deliverable.

Our server sends a confirmation email.

User confirms their request and sees our coreg page.

Here’s an example of the web form on our own site to request our "Business" newsletter:

Here's what the "Business News" confirmation email looks like:

When the user clicks the link to confirm their subscription, their browser opens to our coreg offer page. Desktop, tablet and mobile users each reach a page configured for their particular device type.

Reader coreg experience is very user-friendly! Instead of an "offer wall," the user sees only ONE coreg offer at a time. Your offer will be present in the offer rotation, and our user selects either "Yes" or "No" based upon their level of interest.
(Note: there is never any form or type of incentivization in our coreg process).

This is how our coreg offers are displayed:

When our user selects “Yes” for your offer we process the lead and deliver it to you, either as a realtime data “post”, “get” or "JSON" file, or as an item in a daily batch .CSV file. If you choose the .CSV option, you'll receive a login to our FTP site, where you may log in each morning to download your file. A basic coreg lead consists of the user’s email address, plus IP and timestamp (if requested), The price? Just $0.30 per lead, with an initial test campaign of 2,000 leads.

If you need additional data points, first and last names, postal address, birthdate/age, gender and phone number are all available. These fields are collected on forms displayed on our coreg offer page, which will also include any required verbiage (including TCPA disclosure, for telephone leads). Pricing will vary depending upon which fields are desired, and I'll be happy to provide a quote upon request.

Next Steps?
Please get in touch to discuss YOUR campaign!
Charles Strauss, Online Advertising Manager
charles@arcamax.net757.596.9730 ext. 208 – Skype: cstraussarcamax

Please click here for our current Co-Registration rates and specifications.

ArcaMax has partnered with Carney Direct to provide offline list rental opportunities. Carney Direct has served marketers since 1991 by providing hands-on, individual attention and delivering maximum ROI.

Click here to review the ArcaMax offline data profile analysis. Carney Direct can be reached at 1-800-240-3349 or 1-949-581-5100.

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