Evacuated and evicted, many of Hurricane Florence's victims have nowhere to go

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BEAUFORT, N.C. -- When Hurricane Florence hit, Alex Carias took shelter in his pickup truck, riding out the storm with his terrier, Gus.

With their mobile home ruined, he planned on living inside the truck at least temporarily, but a social worker found them and ordered them into a shelter in nearby Morehead City.

On Saturday, he and dozens of...Read more

Florida comes under a hurricane watch as Michael rapidly strengthens

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MIAMI -- Florida's Panhandle and big bend area came under a hurricane watch Monday morning after Tropical Storm Michael rapidly intensified from the day before, poised to become a hurricane later Monday.

In a morning update, National Hurricane Center forecasters said a hurricane hunter plane discovered early Monday that the storm had ...Read more

As storm strengthens, Florida prepares for a hurricane

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MIAMI -- The tropical disturbance in the Caribbean that became Tropical Depression No. 14 in Sunday's early hours strengthened into Tropical Storm Michael Sunday.

The National Hurricane Center thinks the storm has a more muscular future.

"Additional strengthening is expected during the next few days, and Michael is forecast to become a ...Read more

Tropical disturbance in the Caribbean is forecast to strengthen

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MIAMI -- A tropical disturbance off the coast of Honduras is showing signs or organizing into something more dangerous as it moves north toward the Gulf of Mexico, meteorologists said Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the system's chances of strengthening into a cyclone in the next two days to 80 percent, ...Read more

2 more deaths in NC are blamed on Florence, bringing the total to 50 across 3 states

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- More than two weeks after Hurricane Florence came ashore along the coast of North Carolina, the death toll from the storm continues to rise.

State officials now say 39 people have died as a result of Florence, with the addition of two deaths attributed to the storm on Tuesday. Both men were killed from falls while cleaning up ...Read more

Editorial: Will Florence force wisdom about floods?

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Many of the people who live in eastern North and South Carolina were flooded out of their homes and businesses during and after the arrival of Hurricane Florence, which dumped up to 50 inches of rain on them. After they have returned to their properties, surveyed the damage and salvaged what they could, it will be time to rebuild. Right?

This ...Read more

Hurricane Rosa threatens flash floods in Las Vegas, Arizona and eastern California

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Moisture from Hurricane Rosa could cause flash flooding to Baja California, eastern California, Las Vegas and Arizona as it approaches the coast late Sunday.

The remnants of Rosa could bring as much as a year's worth of rain to desert areas such as California's Imperial Valley and Arizona's Yuma County -- both significant producers of ...Read more

Warm waters boosted 2017's major hurricane tally, more whopper storms to come, study says

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--The Atlantic's warmer waters triggered the unusual number of major hurricanes last year, according to a new study that predicts the region could see a couple of extra whopper storms each year by the end of the century.

Six major hurricanes -- with winds of at least 111 mph -- spun around the Atlantic last year, including ...Read more

A plague of mosquitoes has emerged after Florence. N.C. governor vows $4 million to fight them

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for one of the South's most plentiful pests.

Hurricane Florence dumped nearly 8 trillion gallons of rain over North Carolina, according to the National Weather Service in Raleigh's estimate. That rain led to catastrophic flooding.

It's a recipe for the biting little buggers.

Water...Read more

Tropical Storm Kirk, with winds up to 60 mph, is the sequel nobody wanted

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The regenerated Tropical Storm Kirk is one of those sequels nobody really wanted or asked for (see: "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" or "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo").

The second installment of Kirk, resurrected Wednesday from the first Kirk's remnants, was continuing to trek west toward the Caribbean at a decent clip, ...Read more

Editorial: Let them play: NCAA should allow Kansas-Mizzou hurricane relief exhibition game

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The NCAA can't seem to get out of its own way.

A new rule has derailed any chance of the Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks playing an exhibition basketball game to aid victims of Hurricane Florence.

Last year, the two teams finally faced off after a years-long separation, delighting fans who never stopped missing the border rivalry and ...Read more

NASA can see dark, polluted Carolina rivers spilling into the ocean from space

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A NASA satellite is tracking flooding in the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence, and its images show dark, polluted water flowing from rivers into the Atlantic Ocean.

Nearly 8 trillion gallons of rain fell across North Carolina during the storm, according to the National Weather Service in Raleigh's estimate.

That rain led...Read more

Kirk downgraded to a wave; 2 other systems remain under watch

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Former Tropical Storm Kirk weakened to a tropical wave Monday but has maintained a 50 percent chance of reforming over the next two days.

Kirk pushed westward in the eastern Atlantic as a tropical storm before weakening to a tropical depression on Sunday night. By Monday morning, it had lost its closed circulation.

...Read more

Tropical Storm Kirk moves faster in the Atlantic

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MIAMI--Tropical Storm Kirk picked up speed in the Atlantic Ocean Sunday, but maintained its winds at only tropical storm force level.

The National Weather Service said the storm's sustained winds measured 40 mph and extended 70 miles north of the storm's center. The westward movement speed had increased to 21 mph when it was 545 miles southwest...Read more

It's been a week since Florence made landfall and Wilmington braces for more flooding

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A week after Hurricane Florence arrived on the North Carolina shore, roads, homes and businesses from Kinston to Wilmington remain submerged -- and some waterways are still rising.

Florence "has deeply wounded our state, wounds that will not heal soon. So many people are still hurting," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said in a ...Read more

Tropical storm named, gains momentum as it crosses the Atlantic

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MIAMI -- The National Hurricane Center Saturday named Tropical Storm Kirk after it developed quickly, only three hours after the center said the storm was predicted to become only a tropical depression over the weekend.

Kirk is expected to gain momentum and move westward "across the deep tropical Atlantic Ocean" through Tuesday, with tropical...Read more

North Carolina legislative leaders want special session on disaster aid sooner than Cooper suggested

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Legislative leaders want the North Carolina General Assembly to return to work next week to vote on Hurricane Florence relief money and policies.

Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said in a news release Thursday that he wanted the legislature to return on Oct. 9 to handle Hurricane Florence relief. Senate leader Phil Berger and ...Read more

Hurricane forecasters are watching out for four tropical systems

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MIAMI -- After a brutal start to September, when Florence and three other named storms churned across the Atlantic at once, hurricane season is simmering again.

On Friday, National Hurricane Center forecasters were watching four systems with the potential to become tropical depressions or storms, two of which could affect the U.S. While odds ...Read more

Coal ash could be spilling into Cape Fear River as Duke Energy and regulators watch

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Duke Energy and state environmental regulators say it's possible that coal ash near Wilmington, N.C., has spilled out into the Cape River from flooding after Hurricane Florence.

The 47-year-old coal ash pond is separated from the river by Sutton Lake, a public fishing lake used as a source of water to cool a coal-burning power plant that was ...Read more

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