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Gadgets: Earbuds for sleeping


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I need some sort of audio playing to get to sleep but my wife wants silence. So that’s where earbuds come in, and Soundcore’s new Sleep A20 Bluetooth earbuds solve several problems. If the name sounds familiar, they are an upgrade from the previous Soundcore Sleep A10 buds

The tiny earbuds are ideal for side sleepers, which is a big issue with other earbuds and bigger headphones. With the Sleep A20 Bluetooth earbuds, you can seamlessly go from left side to right side to lying on your back. Anyway you go, the sound keeps playing and they rest comfortably in your ears. This is done by the design, which includes Soundcore’s Air Wing and 3D ergonomic design, all constructed in an ultra-soft material. While in your ears, there’s no pressure or discomfort like I’ve personally dealt with while trying many others for sleep.

The A20s include multiple sets of ear tips. In most every case, I stick with the set on the earbud. But in this case, since I was trying to achieve something specific, I used several tips and there was a difference. Each person is different, and it’s great that Soundcore included a variety of ear tips to get the right fit.

The sealed ear tips include sizes of extra small, small and large, all designed for noise blocking. The breathable ear tips allow no noise blocking and come in small, medium and large. I went with the large sealed tips; they just worked for me and sealed out background noise.

The earbuds have an ergonomic design and include three sets of ear wings: small, medium and large. Using them for sleep makes the comfort critical. They need to feel good and fit securely so they don’t fall out.

Soundcore rates the battery life for 14 hours in sleep mode, so they will last for a good night of sleep. Then charge in the included USB-C charging/storage case. The case extends the playtime up to 80 hours. In Bluetooth mode, you’ll get 10 hours of playtime and 55 additional hours with the charging case.

On my first night of testing, the A20s passed with flying colors for one reason: They didn’t put pressure on my ear and compress the audio when I was lying on my side. The primary function of the A20s is not to give you head-banging music. With that, the sound is good and exactly what you need for sleep earbuds.


There is no microphone, so you won’t be talking on them while in bed. And there’s no active noise cancellation. I’m sure both are omitted to keep the low profile design. My thoughts after using them were you don’t need the noise cancellation after getting the right fit with the tips and wings.

Along with the Soundcore app, the A20s have sleep detection. The earbuds judge whether the user has fallen asleep by their movements. If within half an hour, the user barely moves, the earbuds determine that you have fallen asleep and begin generating sleep data. If you turn over frequently or make big head movements while sleeping, it may cause the earbuds to misjudge that you are still awake, so no sleep data will be recorded.

The latest sleep data needs to be updated by connecting the earbuds and syncing them to the Soundcore app. But you don't need to open the app every time you go to bed to sync data. Instead, it can sync weekly.

The app also gives you options on what you hear and how you hear it. Sound alarms and customs modes are just a few of the features available in the app.$149.99

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