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Dr Well has launched the new AF7001 6-Chamber Air Compression Leg Massager, which includes three modes, 10 Intensities and full customization.

It is designed to provide myriad benefits, from relieving muscle fatigue to enhancing blood circulation and metabolism. The AF7001 is engineered with cutting-edge air compression technology and precision targeting to cover every part of the leg. It supplies relief to the entire leg, including the upper thigh, lower thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot.

According to Dr Well, the AF7001 employs dynamic air pressure to rhythmically expand and contract leg muscles, mimicking the deep kneading action of a professional massage. This 360-degree intense compression swiftly alleviates muscle tension and fatigue, making it an indispensable companion for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone seeking relief from the strains of daily life.

With its six powerful air chambers that evenly inflate air for consistency and 10 levels of massage intensity, users can customize how it's used to achieve optimal relaxation and recovery. This can be as simple as recovering from a workout or improving circulation. The self-care AF7001 is simple to use in the comfort of your home or work.

The AF7001 has three auto modes, an adjustable timer and 100% manual control of air cells. This way, users can customize their treatment based on their needs and schedule. Smart pressure sensors adjust massage intensity based on user preferences. The auto timer has settings for 10, 20 and 30 minutes.

The highly portable device (8.3 by 8.3 by 20.5 inches, 4.4 pounds) was designed with functionality and style. It has a cuff container for easy storage post-massage and a premium case, making it easy to travel with and use anywhere.

Dr Well is a leading total health care company based in South Korea and is a brand symbolizing health and comfort. They have 120 items across five categories and specialize in developing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide array of massage devices. They are committed to superior quality and exceptional service, $299


Native Union's new (Re) Classic Power Bank is one of the slimmest available and yields up to a 100% charge.

Small and powerful is the truth with the (Re) Classic Power Bank, with its 5000 mAh rechargeable battery packed inside of a 0.34-inch thick case. The pack measures 4.02-by-2.76-0.34-inches with a 0.27-pound weight, so portability is another strong point. It is wrapped in Yatay, a premium plant-based leather alternative made in Italy, and finished with a textured contrast for an attractive power look.

Charging can be done directly wired with the two-way USB-C port, which can output up to 20 watts. Wireless charging is via Qi charging for smartphones and headphones or MagSafe—wireless charging supplies up to 15 watts of power output. MagSafe charging can be done without a case or with MagSafe-compatible cases.

Native Union rates the charging to provide an iPhone 15 with a 100% charge. An iPhone will be supplied with 7.5 watts of wireless charging and AirPods will have 5 watts.

For charging the Classic Power Bank, the two-way USB-C port is used to recharge the power bank or charge a device. Pass-through charging support lets you charge your device while recharging your power bank. Safety features built-in safeguard your battery with over-voltage, overcurrent and overheating protection

A 6-inch braided USB-C to USB-C cable is included. The power bank is available in black, kraft and slate green. $69.99

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