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Gadgets: Better, faster chargers


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Most people want charging accessories that are better and faster. Leading accessory brand ESR helps achieve this with its new collection of Qi2 chargers.

Qi2 is the latest standard in wireless charging technology, delivering 15W of charging power and utilizing magnetic alignment for fast and efficient charging. The Qi standard was limited to 5-watt charging speeds, while Qi2 supplies charging up to 15 watts.

ESR’s new devices, designed for the latest Apple products such as iPhones, the Apple Watch and AirPods, include a Qi2 state-of-the-art car charger, a watch charger and a foldable travel charger.

The Apple-certified MagSafe charger from ESR for desktop charging ESR supplies 15 watts, is energy efficient and gives off less heat. Among the new chargers is the ESR Qi2 3-in-1 charging station ($72.99), which includes 15-watt MagSafe charging, AirPod charging and a space for an Apple Watch with 5-watt charging. The stand has a ring of magnets for iPhone charging to let the smartphone be placed in portrait for FaceTiming, landscape for watching or StandBy Mode while charging.

While in a car, there's Qi2 Charging in the Car with ESR’s Qi2 Car Charger ($29.99), which they market as the first in the world. It also supplies a safe MagSafe 15W fast charging. It is built with a three-point vent mount with a support arm. This ensures steady viewing and navigation even on bumpy roads.

Another option for mounting and viewing is the included dashboard anchor. Both mounts have an adjustable ball joint, and a full ring of magnets enables precise angle adjustment in portrait or landscape mode for comfortable viewing at any angle and compatibility with practically all cars.

Just in time for the spring and summer outdoor seasons, Tribit has launched the powerful-sounding XSound Plus 2 portable Bluetooth speakers.


Inside the 7.8-by-2.6-by-2.7-inch, 1.76-pound speaker is a pair of neodymium full-range drivers, producing 30 watts of twilight sound with crisp clarity. The advanced DSP and amplifiers feature an XBass-patented algorithm, wirelessly elevating the listening experience to new heights.

It pairs with Bluetooth 5.3 for a wireless range of up to 150 feet. Multi-link support allows for pairing multiple devices (sold separately) simultaneously for full stereo sound. The XSound Plus 2 is built with Powered by RunStretch technology for prolonged battery life, providing 24 hours of playtime with the volume at 60% and the XBass off. The internal battery charges with the included USB-C cable in four hours.

With an IPX7 rating, the XSound Plus 2 portable Bluetooth speaker can withstand being dunked in three feet of water without harm. Party Mode and full compatibility with the Tribit App allow customization to suit individual preferences.

The app can customize the sound in seconds. Users can switch between Audiobook, MaxSound traditional, Jazz, Rock and XBass (the default) or turn off these pre-sets entirely if they prefer. A customized EQ curve with nine bands that range from 80Hz to 13kHz can also be created.

The speaker has three built-in button modes, six default app settings and customization for a personalized audio experience. A row of buttons along the top controls the power, pairing, music selections, volume, and more. $69.99

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