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Gadgets: Conversation Clear Plus smart earbuds block background noise in loud settings


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Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sennheiser had members of the media gather at Carversteak at Resorts World to preview their new Conversation Clear Plus earbuds.

While they look like standard earbuds anyone would wear these days (the appearance is a crucial point), they are far from just a source to listen to playlists. As described by Sennheiser, they are "an intelligent wearable for enhancing speech intelligibility in noisy environments — all in compact true wireless form factor."

The years of technology Sennheiser put in allows people to use them to hear others in noisy situations better, including conversations with people sitting at your dinner table, all while customizing the ambient surroundings with the companion app.

With the Conversation Clear Plus true wireless earbuds, background noise is blocked, and there was no better way to see that than walking through a packed casino or eating in a loud restaurant. Within the app, you can adjust multiple settings for levels and modes to different sound environments. Various sizes of ear tips and fins are included to ensure you have the proper fit.

Before we headed to the restaurant, we met at Sennheiser's temporary office suite at the Wynn hotel and received our review units of the intelligent wearable. Company employees gave a brief setup tutorial and ensured they were connected and set up perfectly. The assistance was great for the setup, but after going through it, Sennheiser could not have made it any easier or straightforward with the Sennheiser Conversation Clear companion app for any user to have them up and running in minutes.

After having the Conversation Clear Plus earbuds set up and understanding the app's features and settings, we headed out of the suite. The route had us cut through the loud hotel casinos and lobbies and then a short ride to the restaurant. It makes sense why they chose this route for the demonstration.

Sennheiser stated, "Many people find it difficult to understand conversations in noisy environments clearly," so using the Conversation Clear Plus here would show the effectiveness of the hearing tool while you're trying to hear a conversation with a dinner guest. And it did.

The second I had them turned on in the restaurant, they produced the wow factor. There was no doubt of the tremendous system I had in my ears and how well they worked. Hearing the clarity of people sitting next to me was an ear-opening experience.

Being someone who doesn't have loss didn't hurt the demonstration. The clarity I could hear from others at our party was something I'd never experienced in a loud and crowded restaurant. The noise of other people taking, dishes banging and background music playing was nonexistent.


It was so easy to hear the differences between the different app settings, but the most extreme instance is when you have the Conversation Clear Plus in a while listening and then take them right out.

You don't have to monitor the app, but since this was new, I did. And you see the changes taking place in real time, reading the environment you're in and making the necessary adjustments for what you're hearing.

Since Sennheiser is a longtime dominant player in the audio industry, it was true Sennheiser fashion to bring someone out with credibility to ensure they work in the real-loud musical world. Rock legend Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister fame joined up to talk about the hearing tools.

He explained with his decades of life in the rock 'n' roll world, he has suffered hearing loss, but having a device like the Conversation Clear Plus ensures simple things like having a dinner conversation with his wife are no longer a challenge.

Back to the app, it has tabs for easy listening changes. Tap on the Relax tab, and the external sound is blacked out. With communication, the world is turned back on, and the levels are according to what you had set them on initially but can easily be adjusted. And when they hit stream, they are ready to listen to music or TV.

As mentioned, they look like most of today's truly wireless earbuds, with an included storage and charging case for 27 hours of use. Each earbud has a 12mm diameter speaker inside and built-in microphones. And if you know Sennheiser sound, you know how good these even sound for just listening to tunes. But they go far beyond that. $849.99

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