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Losing winter ice is changing the Great Lakes food web – here’s how light is shaping life underwater

Winters on the Great Lakes are harsh – so much so that the scientists who work there often focus on the summer months, when tiny microbes at the base of the food chain were thought to be most productive.

However, emerging research is changing our understanding of these winter ecosystems and shining a light on a vibrant world of ...Read more

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The audacious plan to seed a global green hub in Namibia's desert

Early in May, King Philippe of Belgium was on the edge of the Namib desert to inaugurate a project that aims to help decarbonize European industry, and which might just enable one of Africa’s smallest economies to hit the clean-energy big time.

It was a humble start for such grand designs, as Namibian President Nangolo Mbumba hosted the king ...Read more


‘Monster Hunter Now’ reveals season two and its first elder dragon

Over its first official season, “Monster Hunter Now” made plenty of strides to mature the gameplay that it feels like a brand new game. The Vernal Intruder season introduced quality-of-life improvements such as more loadouts and layered armor while also revamping the Hunt-a-thons, so that solo players can find allies across the planet.

...Read more

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Apple debuts long-awaited AI tools, including ChatGPT tie-up

Apple Inc. took the wraps off long-awaited new artificial intelligence features, including a partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI, betting that a personalized and understated approach to the technology will win over customers.

A new AI platform called Apple Intelligence was the highlight of the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference ...Read more

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Apple debuts long-awaited AI tools, including ChatGPT tie-up

Apple Inc. announced its long-awaited new artificial intelligence features, including tools supported by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, promising to deliver technology that’s personalized, safe and deeply integrated into the iPhone maker’s software.

The platform, called “Apple Intelligence,” will help summarize text, create original images and ...Read more


Earthquakes are shaking North Georgia. Here's what may be behind them

ATLANTA — The Peach State is not typically a hotbed of seismic activity, but residents in pockets of North Georgia have been feeling some unexpected vibrations lately after the area was jolted by four small earthquakes over the last week.

The most recent one, a 2.3 magnitude temblor, happened just after midnight on Monday near the south end ...Read more

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Study: Southern California is most disaster-prone region in US

LOS ANGELES — Southern California is a disaster.

Oh, you’ve heard?

Sure, but in this case “disaster” isn’t code for “too expensive” or “not as cool as when I was a kid” or “politically bananas.”

No, this time, disaster means disaster. In fact, according to a new national ranking of 3,200-plus U.S. counties, Southern ...Read more

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A child porn conviction and angry 'Star Trek' fans: Inside the drama around a new sci-fi museum

LOS ANGELES — Sci-Fi World, a new “museum” that promises fans real and replica props, costumes and sets from popular films and TV shows, hosted its opening “gala” on Memorial Day in the historic former Sears building just a couple of blocks from the Santa Monica Pier.

More than a decade in the making, the museum has drawn the interest...Read more

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Commentary: The Oceans Court ruled that the seas are a hot mess. Why haven't you heard about it?

On May 21, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, in Hamburg, Germany, ruled that greenhouse gases are marine pollutants and nations must take action to “reduce, control and prevent” their effects. The tribunal, sometimes called the Oceans Court, was responding to a request from a consortium of small island nations disappearing ...Read more

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The US Drought Monitor is a critical tool for the arid West. Can it keep up with climate change?

LOS ANGELES -- Known for its glowing swaths of yellow, orange and red, the U.S. Drought Monitor has warned farmers, residents and officials throughout the nation of impending water scarcity every week since 1999.

Backed by data on soil moisture, temperature, snow cover, meltwater runoff, reservoir levels and more, the map has become an ...Read more

Wind farms, key to clean-energy efforts, threaten birds and bats. Developers urged to plan for wildlife.

Terry Husted lives in DeWitt County, a major pathway for migrating birds in central Illinois. After a company submitted plans to construct a wind farm in his area, Husted said he grew worried about the potential for collisions.

“The birds hunt, so they focus on the ground and what they’re looking for, and don’t really focus on where they�...Read more

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States beg insurers not to drop climate-threatened homes

In the coming years, climate change could force Americans from their homes, not just by raising sea levels, worsening wildfires and causing floods — but also by putting insurance coverage out of reach.

In places including California, Florida and Louisiana, some homeowners are finding it nearly impossible to find an insurance company that will...Read more

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Air regulators roll back rule that let major Southern California polluters avoid millions in fees

LOS ANGELES — Southern California air regulators have voted to impose millions of dollars in fees on the region’s heaviest polluters, undoing a controversial program that made major sources immune from penalties.

Southern California does not meet federal clean air standards, so under U.S. law its large polluters are required to reduce their...Read more

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NOAA's hurricane hunting GOES-U satellite nears SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch this month

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Hurricanes Michael, Dorian, Ian, Nicole and Idalia have all been stared down by one of the NOAA’s most powerful satellites since it took its place in geostationary orbit in late 2017. Its replacement is gearing up for launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy later this month.

The GOES-U satellite is the 19th Geostationary ...Read more

Legislation would block carbon dioxide pipelines in Illinois for up to 2 years

CHICAGO — With the prospect of vast networks of carbon dioxide pipelines looming in Illinois and other Midwestern states, the state legislature has taken steps to protect landowners, taxpayers and the environment.

Among the key measures in a new bill, passed by both houses: a ban on construction of the controversial underground pipelines for ...Read more

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Inside the race to train more workers in the chip-making capital of the world

Build the technology of the future. Protect the nation from attack. Buy a sports car.

These were some of the rewards of working in the semiconductor industry, 200 high school students learned at a recent daylong recruiting event for one of Taiwan's top engineering schools.

"Taiwan doesn't have many natural resources," Morris Ker, the chair of ...Read more

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Lake Mead could get more help, thanks to water conservation investments

LAS VEGAS — The Department of Interior announced a $700 million investment in water conservation projects across the Lower Colorado River Basin on Thursday that has the potential to save more than 700,000 acre-feet of water in Lake Mead.

The funds, which come from the Inflation Reduction Act, will go toward water distribution structures, ...Read more

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What's the status of California's drought as heat wave, wildfires sweep state?

As California’s remaining dry spots shrink, weather experts warn that sweltering heat could slow progress.

According to a Thursday update from the U.S. Drought Monitor, California is completely drought-free, with “abnormally dry” spots isolated in the state’s desert region.

The weekly drought map shows drought intensities across the ...Read more

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Boeing's Starliner makes it to ISS battling new leaks, busted thrusters

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Boeing’s Starliner sprung two new leaks in its propulsion system after launch from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday, and lost power to some of its thrusters as it approached the International Space Station, but it was still able to dock safely Thursday with a pair of NASA astronauts along for the ride.

Making its first ...Read more

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In latest test flight, SpaceX's Starship splashes back to earth as planned

SpaceX launched its Starship spacecraft into orbit Thursday in a largely successful test flight that moved the company a step closer to its ultimate goal of transporting astronauts to the moon and, someday, Mars.

Stacked on a Super Heavy rocket, the Starship capsule blasted off at 5:50 a.m. Pacific time from the company's Boca Chica, Texas, ...Read more