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Amazon advertising rates soar in pandemic-fueled surge Inc.’s advertising rates jumped more than 50% in May from a year earlier, signaling the online retailer’s rising profitability should continue through busy periods like its upcoming summer sale Prime Day and the holiday shopping season.

The rise in ad rates, reported by industry researcher Marketplace Pulse, may give lawmakers ...Read more

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Black, Latinx and female entrepreneurs are still ignored by most venture capitalists

As voices of protest rang out during the pandemic year, Jorge Rios had a front row.

The former high school teacher from Mexico wasn't just watching crowds massing in the U.S. and elsewhere over George Floyd's murder, Black Lives Matter, anti-government sentiment and other issues. Rios was monitoring rows of computer equipment and hearing his ...Read more

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Philly tech start-up Sporttrade has a new model for sports betting, and it looks a lot like a stock exchange

Alex Kane traces the origin of his Big Idea to revolutionize sports betting to his junior year at Drexel University, when he and his father placed a wager on an obscure Thai golfer to win the 2016 Masters Tournament.

Kane’s golfer, Kiradech Aphibarnrat, performed surprisingly well through the first half of the four-day tournament and was only...Read more

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Internet ads are a popular tax target for both parties

Last month, Robert Reeve, a digital tech worker from Washington, D.C., went to visit his mom in Michigan for a week. Shortly after, ads for a brand of toothpaste his mom uses—and that he also used during his stay at her house—popped up in his Twitter feed.

Outraged, Reeve posted a Twitter thread explaining how tech companies can determine ...Read more

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Tech Q&A: How to store camera photos where you want them

Q: When I had Windows 7, photos from my camera would be downloaded to my PC. But Windows 10 wants to put my camera photos on OneDrive, Microsoft's online storage service. How can I get Windows 10 to just put the photos on my PC instead of on OneDrive?

Glenn Correnti, Metairie, La.

A: You can avoid using OneDrive simply by changing your ...Read more

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NASA selects 2 Venus missions, co-developed by Wesleyan University professor, to explore Earth's 'hellish' neighbor

For decades, scientists who study Earth’s neighbor Venus have watched with dismay as NASA sends mission after mission to Mars.

The last time the United States visited Venus was in 1989, when it sent the spacecraft Magellan to map the topography of the “hellish” planet. Although Venus is roughly the size of Earth, the planet is ...Read more

The Income Store's 3,300 websites to be auctioned in effort to recover millions for investors in alleged Ponzi scheme

Confiscated by federal authorities, The Income Store’s more than 3,300 websites are set to be auctioned Thursday in a bid to recover at least some of the more than $77 million that investors lost in an alleged Ponzi scheme.

The court-ordered online auction includes 200 operating websites and thousands of dormant domain names, ranging from ...Read more

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Crypto exchange Blockchain announces move to Miami, with plans to create 300 jobs

A major cryptocurrency exchange is joining the move-to-Miami moment., whose digital platform lets users buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and other forms of digital payment, said it would be moving its U.S. headquarters from New York to the Magic City. In doing so, it said it hoped to create as many as 300 jobs over the next 18 months...Read more

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Facial recognition for fish? Researchers test technology on Asian carp in battle to stop invasive species

CHICAGO — There may come a day on the Illinois River when a fish swims up a chute, slides through a scanner, and, after being recognized as a feared silver carp, is sorted and removed, eventually ending up in a carp burger on your dinner plate.

Keeping invasive carp out of the Great Lakes has involved a series of less-than-silver bullets — ...Read more


Jim Rossman: How to wipe an iPhone for recycling

This week a reader emailed to ask, “Do you have step-by-step instructions for wiping an iPhone 5s prior to donating it or recycling it? My husband and I each purchased a new iPhone SE and it was a wonderful upgrade! Now we have our two old iPhone 5s and want to be sure we accomplish this properly.”

This is a good question and I found ...Read more


'Resident Evil Village' is easily one of the best games of 2021: review

You don’t just play "Resident Evil Village." You experience it.

The latest go-round in Capcom’s blockbuster franchise completes a stunning transformation for an iconic series. Yes, "Resident Evil" has always had survival horror touches. But it’s never been this serious, and it’s never been this immersive. At times, it doesn’t link ...Read more

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CNET: Great gifts for Father's Day for $100 or less

Father's Day in the U.S. is Sunday, June 20. That may seem like a little way off, but it's always good to get on the ball early so you can avoid that panicked last-minute rush to find a gift. Wherever you buy, we've assembled some great gift ideas here in the $51 to $100 range, all of which have been fully reviewed or anecdotally tested by ...Read more

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Two Twin Cities makers are creating cool engine- and pedal-powered two-wheelers

MINNEAPOLIS — It's not surprising that sales of e-bikes are taking off.

The bikes, which are equipped with electric motors that make pedaling easier or even unnecessary, have become a convenient, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly transportation alternative to cars or even conventional bikes.

But are they cool? Would you ever think of ...Read more


Gadgets: Pocket-sized Tula Mic packed with features

The first thing you’ll notice about the Tula Mic is it’s a cool-looking device, a look that can be considered retro. But once you use it, there’s nothing retro about it.

The pocket-sized microphone is packed with features beyond just being a recording device. It connects to a computer with a USB-C connection but also works as a stand-...Read more


Instagram, Facebook now let users hide likes to ‘depressurize’ time on apps

The apps for oversharing are now enabling people to be more discreet.

Instagram and Facebook are enabling users to hide public like counts so as to “decide what works for them,” according to a company blog post last week, which offered detailed instructions to use the feature.

“We tested hiding like counts to see if it might ...Read more

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Poop to power? New research puts wastewater to work, as a source of both water and electricity

ST. LOUIS — Washington University researchers have developed a filter that treats wastewater and also generates electricity — an advance that could reshape energy use at treatment plants.

The new system uses bacteria as a "bio-catalyst" to produce an electric charge while breaking down organic material otherwise seen as waste. The findings ...Read more

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NASA chief announces 2 new Venus missions after agency's $25 billion budget request

ORLANDO, Fla. — New NASA Administrator Bill Nelson gave his first State of NASA address on Wednesday plotting out the agency’s plans to continue the Artemis program to return humans to the moon as well as new Earth-centric missions as part of the largest science budget ask ever for the agency.

At the end of the 45-minute presentation, ...Read more

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Mysterious giant skull washes ashore on New Jersey beach

A giant skull with something akin to tweezers for a mouth washed ashore in New Jersey, igniting a social media debate over what it might be — and more importantly — what killed it.

The skull — picked clean of all flesh — was found Monday at Island Beach State Park, according to a Facebook post from park officials. The 10-mile-long park ...Read more

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Thousands will descend on Miami for the world's largest crypto conference. Is the hype real?

Miami is about to play host to what may be the largest cryptocurrency conference the world has ever seen.

Thanks to a confluence of calendar, COVID and Miami's soaring reputation as a tech hub, organizers are expecting as many as 50,000 to descend on the county for Bitcoin 2021. Headliners include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, legendary pro skater ...Read more

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Tech startup wants people to ditch IKEA and rent its furniture instead. Is it a good deal?

A San Francisco furniture startup called Oliver Space has set up warehouses in a handful of cities full of elegant couches, dining tables and other trendy furnishings.

The company has modernized the process of buying — and renting — furniture, promising delivery in as little as three days. The quality (and price) of the furniture is in line...Read more