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Russian investment in Facebook, Twitter go way back — but Yuri Milner says so what

As investigations continue into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections -- and the use of Facebook and Twitter to help facilitate it -- now there's a report that Kremlin money helped back the two social media companies through investments by Yuri Milner.

Yuri Milner's name is familiar to Silicon Valley tech observers. It's well-known that ...Read more

Helpware: Remorse and the waiting game

Faced with a choice between an affordable, $799 iPhone 8 Plus and a $999 iPhone X, I had immediate buyer's remorse after I bought the 8 Plus. I mean, like, when I walked out of the Apple Store. For $10 a month more, with Apple's installment plan, I could have been a player.

What sold me on the 8 Plus was that it was available at a local Apple ...Read more

Apple defends tax setup amid reports: 'Paradise Papers' reveals multinationals' tactics as GOP aims for corporate rate cut

WASHINGTON -- For years, Apple and other multinational firms have faced inquiries from government authorities about tactics they employed to lower their tax bills.

Now, new published reports show just how some of these global corporations tapped elite tax specialists to devise clever strategies, including island havens and secretive shell ...Read more

Teenage pot and alcohol use can reduce success later in life, according to study

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Teens who use a lot of marijuana and alcohol are less likely to have a full-time job when they grow up, or to get a college education or get married, according to a new study by University of Connecticut researchers.

The study of 1,165 young adults from across the U.S. also found that dependence on pot and booze may also have...Read more

If you enjoy sleeping at night instead of the day, thank the dinosaurs for going extinct

Mammals were largely creatures of the night until the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid some 66 million years ago, a new study finds.

The findings, described in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, illuminate a pivotal transition in the history of Earth's living things.

Scientists have long wondered whether ancient mammals may have ...Read more

Startup fights fraud as hackers breach networks

SAN FRANCISCO -- With every new hack of computer networks comes questions about how it happened and what kind of security can prevent the next one.

Yet the recent hacking of consumer credit reporting agency Equifax's network has raised the question of not only what can be done to stop such attacks, but also what hacking victims can do after the...Read more

Pandora loses listeners, ad revenue

OAKLAND, Calif. -- So many listeners have turned off Pandora that Friday could have been called the day the music died for the internet radio streaming pioneer.

Late Thursday, Pandora said it ended its third quarter with 73.7 million active listeners, more than 7 million fewer than it had in the comparable quarter last year.

Declining listener...Read more

Alcohol reshapes the brain in ways that make rats more likely to become cocaine addicts

The idea of a "gateway drug" may sound like a throwback to the "Just say no" era. But new research offers fresh evidence that alcohol and nicotine -- two psychoactive agents that are legal, ubiquitous and widely used during adolescence -- ease the path that leads from casual cocaine use to outright addiction.

About 21 percent of those who use ...Read more

Tech Q&A: IPhone's iOS 11 won't run older apps

Q: I've been using an app called "Minimalist To Do List" on my iPhone 6 for about four years and have put a lot of pretty valuable information in it. When I recently updated the phone to the new iOS 11 operating system, I discovered I had a few apps, including that one, that wouldn't work. Instead, I got a message that said that Minimalist To Do...Read more

Court decides in favor of Microsoft in 'hostess bar' expense case

SEATTLE -- A King County Superior Court judge ruled this month against two former Microsoft managers who said they were inappropriately fired from the company after reporting another employee to their bosses.

The judge said the plaintiffs did not prove that complaining about another employee led to their firing.

The plaintiffs, Eric Engstrom ...Read more

Helpware: Amazon 4K streaming device falls short of competitors

In the race to produce the sharpest TV picture imaginable, screen definition standards flew past as each holiday system approached. I couldn't believe how sharp my first 32-inch flat screen TV was. At 720p, I could watch the Dodgers in what was then breathtaking resolution. A year later I watched them in true high definition –– 1080p. It ...Read more

Jennifer Van Grove: DirectTV's set-top box is a surprising development

DirecTV, the satellite TV business owned by AT&T, is about to try something completely different.

According to documents first discovered by Variety, the company is preparing to release a set-top box that will deliver content entirely by way of the internet, instead of satellite, with Google's Android TV software powering the box. Think ...Read more

Suicide risk can be hard to measure. But a brain's reaction to words like 'carefree' may offer clues

When a person's distress, depression or discouragement appears to have taken a sharp turn for the worse, it's time to ask him or her a weighty question: Are you thinking of harming yourself?

If only the answer were a better guide. One study has found that nearly 80 percent of patients who took their own lives denied they were contemplating ...Read more

Have some bloody fun this Halloween, courtesy of chemistry

It's Halloween, a day for watching scary movies filled with blood and gore.

In other words, it's a day to appreciate chemistry.

For roughly a century, entertainers have relied on chemistry to make fake blood look real. In the early 1900s, productions at the Theatre du Grand Guignol in Paris introduced fake blood as an essential prop, according...Read more

Review: Apple Watch Series 3 is a useful tool for the health-conscious, with diabetes management coming soon

I went into a test drive of the Apple Watch Series 3 thinking it could be a real game changer for diabetes management. Now I'm thinking it should be considered by anyone with a chronic illness.

I'll tell you why in a second.

First, the most important Series 3 feature for people with diabetes isn't available yet, but it will be soon, maybe ...Read more

Maker of $1,000 'smart' teapot gives up

Three years and $12 million were simply not enough time and money to teach the world about the benefits of owning a $1,000 teapot.

That's the word from Teforia, a Mountain View, Calif., startup that is moving to the graveyard of technological gadgetry.

"The reality of our business is that it would take a lot more financing and time to educate ...Read more

Apple engineer fired after daughter posts video of iPhone X

If you work at Apple, you should take a lesson from the movie "Fight Club."

The first rule of Apple is, "You do not talk about Apple." The second rule of Apple is, "You DO NOT talk about Apple."

And you especially don't let an Apple product be seen in public before Apple wants it to be seen. A now-former Apple employee learned that lesson the ...Read more

Online grocery shopping becomes fastest-growing sector in US retail

MILWAUKEE -- Because of people like Sarah Fracek -- and some who aren't at all like her -- a retail sector that once seemed nearly immune to the internet's economic disruption has become an increasingly digital thing.

Fracek does almost all of her grocery shopping online.

"I hate going into a grocery store," said Fracek, who doesn't mind ...Read more

The future for defense drones may be under the oceans

SAN DIEGO -- The next frontier for unmanned military drones may not be solely in the skies. It could be undersea.

The U.S. Navy and defense contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others are increasingly focusing on ocean drones as the next big market for unmanned technology.

Lockheed Martin Ventures in September month invested an ...Read more

Twitter bans ads from Kremlin-funded RT and Sputnik, but they can still tweet

Twitter Inc. said Thursday that it will no longer accept advertising from Sputnik and Russia Today, pointing to the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that the two Kremlin-funded news organizations were part a Russian government operation to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

State-sponsored attempts to "interfere with and ...Read more