What was another name for the Bubonic Plague?

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Black Death

Which American businessman believed that people should give away all excess money?

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Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
Bill Gates
H. Ross Perot

Who discovered the Straits of Magellan?

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Christopher Columbus
John Cabot
Ponce De Leon

Who did Herbert Hoover label "Public Enemy No. 1"?

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George Babyface Nelson
Dalton Brothers
Willie The Actor Sutton
John Dillinger

Before World War II Italy was involved in wars with two African states, what were those states?

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Libya And Ethiopia
Algeria And Egypt
Libya And Sudan
Ethiopia And Egypt

Which general did Harry Truman encourage to be the Democratic nominee for President in 1948?

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Omar Bradley
George Patton
Dwight Eisenhower
Douglas MacArthur

What military leader is quoted as saying "I came, I saw, I conquered"?

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Julius Caesar
Alexander The Great

Who was the top British "Ace" of WWI who was practically blind in one eye?

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Albert Ball
Mick Mannock
Eddie Rickenbacker
Lanoe Hawker

What Central American waterway was officially opened in 1914?

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Panama Canal
Aswan High Dam
Itaipu Dam
Hidrovia Dam

What title does the leader of Mexico hold?

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Besides bombs, what did Jimmy Doolittle's bombers drop on Tokyo?

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40,000 Leaflets
5 Japanese Medals
A Sack Of Baseballs
Bags Of Rotting Fish

What were famous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly's last words?

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It Was Not Me
Such Is Life
I Have No Regrets
I Did For The Workers

Who won the Spanish-American War?

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United States

What was the first airplane to fly across the United States?

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June Bug
Vin Fiz
Winnie Mae
Spirit Of St. Louis



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