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A Family Finds Nature's Paradise in Fiji


The activities at Koro Sun Resort are designed with families in mind. They offer kayaks and paddleboards as well as ample snorkel gear, nannies, a kids club, hiking trips to waterfalls, herbal walks, cooking classes and coconut demonstrations. There's a dive and snorkel outfit with boats leaving three times a day to the nearby lagoons, and I relaxed amid the soothing sounds of an adjacent stream in their Rainforest Spa, set in an actual rainforest. We fed ourselves and our ever-hungry teen to great satisfaction. Dinners offered a tantalizing taste of culinary creativity in their restaurants.

Returning to Nadi on Viti Levu, the Pearl Resort charmed us with its laid-back elegance. Days here unfolded lazily, wrapped in the beauty of the sea under the shade of swaying palms. We enjoyed snorkeling, sunset cruises and hanging by the pool at this popular wedding and diving location.

The Sigatoka River Safari capped our trip. It offered an exhilarating speedboat river ride and kinship with the Bemana village where we spent an afternoon sharing kava, dining and dancing with the locals. This half-day eco-cultural adventure transported us deep into the heart and soul of Fiji and its tribes and was an engaging, entertaining and deeply insightful family travel activity. A cheeky ordainment of my husband as "chief" -- an honor bestowed upon him because he was the oldest in our group -- stitched humor into our Fiji memories. And that's still what we call him now that we're back home!

Fiji boasts stunning natural landscapes, turquoise waters teeming with wildlife, abundant arts and culture, and the ever-welcoming Bula spirit. This gem in the Pacific welcomed us not as visitors but as family. With every "Bula!" we felt the heartbeat of the islands, and as we bid farewell, we left a piece of our hearts.



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