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A Family Trip to Japan


Back in the Ginza area, Carl and I took the family to a dramatic Kabuki theater performance one evening. Our last-minute tickets were good for only a 20-minute show, and although it was short, it introduced Kalea to the 500-year-old tradition and the all-male costumed performers.

One surprise was the Ginza Six Rooftop Garden -- at the popular world-class high-rise shopping center (271 stores and restaurants). Free to visit, the rooftop garden is a relaxing place to people-watch with tables and chairs, benches, grass, plants and trees. It is sort of a mini Japanese version of New York's Central Park, with great views of Ginza's main street Chuo-Dori.

We sampled some of Ginza's cosmopolitan restaurants, including Lion Beer Hall -- Japan's oldest beer hall, opened in 1934 in the Ginza Lion Building -- and dined at a charming Spanish restaurant, Spain Gourmeteria y Bodega. Next to our hotel was one of the city's many Family Marts, where we could use the ATM and stock up on reasonably priced breakfast items, fruit, candy, snacks and wine.

After a week in the Ginza district, our hotel arranged a private van ($80) to Tokyo Disney. Tickets (conveniently sold by our Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, next to the park) were only $62 for adults and $52 for children.

Kalea and her folks flew home after their 12-day tour, and Carl and I stayed another three days, especially enjoying the sunset view of Mount Fuji from our high-rise room. Then it was only $20 each to take an hourlong shuttle bus from the hotel back to Narita for our flight home.




Go Tokyo: www.gotokyo.org

Viator (for private van airport pickup): www.viator.com

The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8 Hotel: www.canvas-ginza8.jp/en

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel: https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/tyosi-sheraton-grande-tokyo-bay-hotel/overview/?scid=f2ae0541-1279-4f24-b197-a979c79310b0


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