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Big Sky bliss

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By the second evening, we feel we've known each other for years. By the third, we're swapping recipes and lounging around in our PJs in each other's luxuriously cozy cabins, some of us bundling up and sneaking to the corral for goodnight horse kisses under the ink-black, starlit sky.

It's bliss and it's over too quickly. At brunch we quietly hug our goodbyes, promising to reunite on another idyllic Big Sky Yoga Retreat in Montana, Costa Rica, Patagonia or Italy. Burns Vap looks on smiling. "Success, for me, is satisfying our craving for connection." For us, she's clearly done that, and then some.


Big Sky Yoga Retreats


Phone: (406) 219-7685

Yoga and riding levels: Novices and pros welcome.

Beyond ponies and yoga pants: Cowgirl Yoga retreats in 2018 theme by location. There's surfing in Costa Rica, hiking in Patagonia, fly fishing in Montana and wine tasting in Italy.

Big Sky weather

-- Pack layers, a pashmina, lip balm and lotion.


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