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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Lexi Hensler

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A: I am a food truck girl all the way. I actually don’t enjoy fine dining very much. I think the only part that I am a fan of is getting dressed up. There’s nothing better than local, good food from a favorite hole-in-the-wall spot. I guess that I’m a cheap date.

Q: What kind of research do you do before you go away on a trip?

A: Before I leave for an international trip, I always start by researching the country that I will be visiting. I want to be as respectful as possible to a country’s traditions and customs. In addition, it is important to look up any visa requirements, recommended vaccinations, currency information, as well as the contact information for the U.S. Embassy. I also go online to the State Department's website to obtain more information on the place that I intend to visit, as well as register my trip with the State Department in case of emergency. I like to map out the location of my hotel to the various activities. Through research, I like to look up the must-see spots and food places. However, I have found that the best way to find a bite to eat is by asking a local for their recommendations.

Q: When you go away, what are some of your must-have items?

A: I travel so much that I am continuously trying to perfect my packing list. I keep a running checklist in my phone notes app so that I never forget a thing. My must-have items include important documents, medications, packing cubes to keep things organized in my suitcase, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, shoe covers, and a laundry bag for dirty clothes. I am totally the person who needs a neck pillow on a long flight and I sometimes bring a travel blanket since I run cold. I always pack a mini luggage scale to weigh my bag because I love shopping and I want to make sure my bag isn’t overweight when trying to come home. And don’t forget your adapter if you’re traveling out of the country.



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