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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Sydney Mikayla

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In 2014’s “The Gabby Douglas Story,” Sydney Mikayla portrayed the child version of the Olympic gymnast. Currently, she has a plum role on the soap opera “General Hospital,” where she plays a young woman reunited with her father. “Trina is a loyal, tell-it-like-it-is, ambitious teen,” said Mikayla, who lives in the Los Angeles area. “She’s a great friend and she’s really motivated about going to college to study art. I think we’re similar in that we love our family and friends, but she definitely likes to get in people’s business a bit more than I do.” The actress stays in touch with her fans on Twitter (@sydneymikayla) and Instagram (@officialsydneymikayla).

Q: Do you think Trina would make a good travel partner for you?

A: Definitely! Trina would be adventurous, and she would certainly make sure you tried all of the food in the places where you’re traveling. At the end of the day, isn’t that what’s really most important, the food? I think so.

Q: How have you spent your free time during this pandemic?

A: When the pandemic first started, I spent a lot of time with my parents. We would get together and just dance in the living room or watch movies. But after a while, I think being at home just kind of wore us all down a bit. We were really glad when we could take small getaways and still stay safe. We went to Big Bear recently with a very small group of friends and we had a great time watching the Daytime Emmys together. There’s nothing quite like an Emmy party in your pajamas.

Q: If you had travel plans, but had to cancel due to the pandemic, where were they to?

A: We were planning to celebrate my (high school) graduation in Hawaii. Hopefully, we’ll get to take that trip at some point. I’ve been trying to get to Aulani (Disney Resort in Hawaii) for a while. We are also overdue to see my dad’s family in Philadelphia, so I’m looking forward to getting there soon as well.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

A: New York City. I love the city vibe, the lights and the shows. If you’re a first-timer, get some pizza and go to the Empire State Building. My best memory was going to New York to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. That was pretty awesome!

Q: What untapped destination should people know about?

A: Well, I don’t think either of these are untapped, but Catalina Island is a fun getaway. You can stay overnight or just go for the day. I also enjoy Lake Arrowhead. It’s really beautiful up there.

Q: What was the first trip you took as a child?

A: Apparently, my parents took me to Cancun with one of my cousins, but, unfortunately, I don’t really remember much of it, so I guess I need to go back. I also don’t remember my first trip to Disneyland, but I’ve since made up for that one.

Q: What's the most important thing you've learned from your travels?

A: Make sure you have a few specific things planned, but also allow time for spontaneity and relaxation. You can over schedule yourself at home, so no need to do that on vacation.

Q: If you could only pick one place to eat, would you choose a casual meal or fine dining?

A: Hands down a street cart or food truck! I think the food is much more authentic and probably has a lot more passion put into it. My mom is always a bit squeamish about the carts, but I’m trying to teach her to live on the edge a bit more.

Q: Where are your favorite weekend getaways?


A: San Diego and Palm Springs. They are both nearby and have some really cool things to do. Palm Springs can get very hot, so you have to pick a good time of year.

Q: If you've ever gone away for the holidays, which was the best trip?

A: I love going down South to visit my mom’s side of the family. My Grandma Tina always cooks up big meals. What can I say? I love to eat good soul food. It’s also nice to be around my extended family since my immediate family is just the three of us and my dog.

Q: Do you speak any foreign languages?

A: I took Spanish in high school, but it didn’t quite sink in as much as I hoped it would. I’m really interested in learning sign language, so hopefully I get an opportunity to do that someday.

Q: Where would you like to go that you have never been to before?

A: Australia. I’d like to go to Sydney, because a city that shares my name has to be great!

Q: When you go away, what are some of your must-have items?

A: Sunscreen, a great facial moisturizer, all the necessary hair products, a jacket and a pair of my Air Force Ones (sneakers).

Q: What would be your dream trip?

A: Someday, I’d like to take a DNA test and make a point to go to the places where my ancestors lived. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Africa.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure when you're on the road?

A: I have to have my earbuds so I can binge-watch my favorite shows or the craziest new YouTube or TikTok videos.


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