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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With NCT 127

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

Born and raised in Chicago, NCT 127's John Suh got his first taste of concerts thanks to his mother, who worked for a local radio station. "I was too young to remember who I saw, but I remember myself having a lot of fun," says Suh, who goes by the stage name of simply Johnny. "(One day), I would love to see Coldplay at Soldier Field. That would be very awesome." Johnny and some of his band mates took a breather from promoting their EP "We Are Superhuman" to participate in this interview. NCT 127 will perform at the B96 Jingle Bash on December 7 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. The band posts their tour photos on Instagram (

Q. When you're in a new city, what are some things you look forward to doing?

Johnny: Because we usually don't have that much time, I usually like to just go out on a walk and see what the city is about. I make sure I try not to wear earphones so I can listen to the city's sounds as well.

Yuta: I just simply like to enjoy the particular atmosphere and feel of every city we go to. Every city has its own weather and culture. Same with every country we visit. I feel like I receive some kind of healing just by experiencing all of that. And, of course, it's awesome to finally see all the fans who are at all these different places.

Q. What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

Haechan: We'll be spending the end of the year with our (fandom) NCTzens! We have a lot up our sleeves, so stay tuned and be on the lookout.


Doyoung: I don't have any special plans, but I want to either throw a party or spend some time with our fans! Even if I can't be physically together with them, maybe I can do something online so we can end the year together, somehow. (Laughs)

Q. Hailing from countries like the U.S., Japan, Canada and South Korea, what have you learned about each other's differences and similarities?

Haechan: I honestly don't feel like there are huge differences, but one thing's for sure -- the food and cuisine we get to try because we all come from different backgrounds is great!

Doyoung: I agree. Because we come from different cultural backgrounds, I do realize that we have an advantage in coming across and understanding a wide variety of cultures. It's fun for us to learn about different cultures this way.


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