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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Paxton Ingram

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Content Agency on

A. It had to have been when I was probably about seven or eight. We took a road trip from Miami all the way to Tyler, Texas. It was long. I'm still working through that. (Laughs) But we had a CD player and I had all my CDs, so I was in my own little world. I think that was my first real vacation.

Q. You'll be performing at this year's SXSW in Texas. Will you be driving?

A. (Laughs) No! We're flying! Actually, after that road trip to Tyler, we started flying.

Q. What are some of your favorite destinations?

A. Two great places really stick out -- New Orleans and London. They each have their own vibe. New Orleans is one of the most interesting places on this continent. There's so much history there and so many things to reference, from art, to music, to cooking, to language, to culture. It's really special. And then London is just so cool. It's an epicenter of Europe. I remember the first time I was there, comparing it to New York, but it seemed to have even a bit more of culture and aesthetic.

Q. In what cities have you heard some great live music?

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A. I really like cities where the music scene is thriving, like New York, New Orleans, London and Chicago. You can go out just about any time and hear great music. A lot of times you'll go to an open mic night and it sounds like a middle-school show. But I've been to a few in London where the musicians were so talented. I was thinking, "Is everyone here signed (to a label)"?

Q. What is on your travel bucket list?

A. The Maldives. It looks so good in the pictures. I also would have to throw in Algarve, Portugal, which has some of the most beautiful caves and beaches you've ever seen. And I'd love to go to Tokyo.


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