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Shrimp in a French Lemon White Wine Cream Sauce

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The "Hummers"

The hummingbirds visiting my balcony have been the highlight of my summer.

Then “POOF”. They are gone!

Hummingbirds (also known for their nickname “hummers”), gorge themselves in order to double their weight before they take off for the tropics. They can fly 500 miles a day after they’ve “fueled” up.

Over Labor Day weekend they were gorging for sure. My balcony looked like the drive through at a Chick-fil-A during rush hour! My big, beautiful midnight blue salvia plant was extremely popular.

Most folks think you should plant red plants to attract hummers. I used to do that with little success. This year I went a different direction and planted the midnight blue salvia which grows tall and wide with trumpet-shaped blossoms that the hummingbirds love.


When I watered my plants this summer, I told my husband I was “going out to feed the hummingbirds”. Yes, I was watering the plant but each time I watered, the plant was producing more nectar and the hummers would come “running”. There are other plants on my balcony, but the salvia is my favorite.

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Shrimp in a French Lemon White Wine Cream Sauce

This is an elegant meal you can serve to company or even just for a romantic meal at home. I served this with haricot vert (roasted French green beans). That kept the meal totally low carb.


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