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Sprinkler Day

Here’s a last minute idea for your Fourth of July celebration (or you can do it any day in the summer). There’s a kiddie element to this celebration and an adult portion later on.

In my old neighborhood Sprinkler Day was the official first day of Summer. I know it wasn’t one of those official adult holidays like Flag Day or the Fourth of July. Sprinkler Day was a kids holiday and it was “way more” important. Sprinkler Day was that first really hot day after school let out. Mom would let us put on our swimsuits get the sprinkler out, hook it to the hose, snake both across the lawn and begin the celebration. We’d turn that baby on full blast! It didn’t matter if it was one of those sprinklers that whizzed around in a circle or if this year’s model was one of the ones that fanned back and forth. Either would do.

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Whiskey Sour

I used to love whiskey sours made with frozen lemonade and Canadian Club. This is my new substitute. No more sugary lemonade for me. This is a potent cocktail. Drink in moderation.

Servings: This makes one drink. Can easily be multiplied for a pitcher



2 ounces of Canadian Club (or any rye whiskey) or any bourbon.
½ cup of no sugar lemonade
½ slice of an orange for garnish and a little extra treat.


For a regular cocktail, fill a cocktail glass with ice. Pour in the ingredients and stir. Garnish with orange slice.

For a frozen version, multiply everything here by four times. Put in a blender and top off with several ice cubes. Blend. Be sure to hold the top down. Start slowly and then speed it up. You’ll get a frozen concoction this way. Top each drink with an orange slice.