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Sausage and Summer Fruit Kebabs

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Sausage and Summer Fruit Kebabs

This is a ZReboot recipe.

Servings: Serves 4 as an entrée or several more as an appetizer*


1 foot long precooked kielbasa, cut into bite-sized chunks
2 other precooked sausages. I used a spicy one. Cut these into bite-sized chunks
3 apricots. Remove pits and cut into bites.
2 ripe plums. Remove pits and cut into large cubes or chunks.
1 Tbl of your meat rub of choice. I used a Cajun one.
2 Tbl of Simply Fruit jam. I used apricot. This is a natural jam with no artificial sweetener or flavorings.



Preheat your grill. Soak your wooden kebab skewers so they don’t burn on the grill. 15 minutes is enough.

Alternately thread kielbasa, sausage chunks, apricots, and plums onto four to six skewers. Spray with olive oil spray and then dust with your rub of choice.

Place skewers on hot grill rack for five minutes or until kielbasa browns and fruit chars slightly, turning skewers occasionally. All you really need to do is get them hot and get some grill markings on them. Place on a platter. Brush Simply Fruit over kielbasa and fruit. Serve.

*Note: I cut skewers in half or even in thirds if I want to do appetizer-sized portions.





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