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Zucchini Fritters (or Pancakes)

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As the Chief Dieter and CEO of Plan Z (a food-based diet with no exercise required), I must admit, I'm a little biased about this subject. For the last 10 years, I've been helping dieters all over the country lose weight without exercise. For example, many dieters come to us with joint pain, or they have knee replacement surgery in their future. Their doctor tells them before they can have the surgery, they'll need to lose 30 pounds. But how do you lose 30 pounds without exercise? That's what Plan Z is for.

If you are deciding what weight loss program to start in January, and have mobility issues (or are too busy for a gym membership) I want you to know you're not alone. We help thousands of people successfully lose weight without having to exercise. Intrigued? Here are seven reasons not to renew your gym membership this year:

1. Exercise really doesn’t help you lose weight; unless you do a LOT of it.

You almost have to make exercise a part-time job in order to see big losses. One study showed that women over 40 years old who do moderate exercise 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, will maintain their weight -- but they won’t lose weight.

2. Exercise makes you hungry.

An hour of cycling on an exercise bike for a 190 lb person will burn off 689 calories. Get off that bike and hit the nut bowl...and you’re doomed. One cup of cocktail peanuts will set you back 828 calories. People have a tendency to munch when they are done exercising. Even one of those little teeny chocolate-covered peanut butter power bars will have over 200 calories and after a tough workout, most people don’t grab that as their reward treat. And don’t get me started on quenching your post-exercise thirst with a beer.

3. You can get just as much benefit from doing short sprints in your driveway.

The PACE Program written by Dr. Sears suggests that short sprints that work your heart are much better for you than running at a moderate speed all over the neighborhood. That's a free workout without having to pay for a gym membership...

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Zucchini Fritters (or Pancakes)

Here's a fun way to change up your breakfast offerings. These fritters crisp up to a delicious golden brown with the use of coconut flour.

Servings: Serves 3 – 4. Can be doubled easily. Makes about eight pancakes.


1-1/2 pounds of fresh zucchini. Approx 3, 8” zucchini should do it.
1 tsp of grated sea salt
1/4 cup of coconut flour (Order online or buy in some health stores)
1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese
1 large egg, beaten
1 tsp of garlic powder
grated sea salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbl of ghee (Or butter)
2 Tbl of olive oil
sauces (Optional, see below for ideas)



Cut each end off the zucchini and toss. Grate the zucchini with your tower grater on the largest setting (you can do this in a food processor, too). Toss the zucchini in a bowl with the salt and then transfer to a colander. Set the colander above the bowl and let the zucchini drain for about 15 minutes.

In a smaller bowl, beat the egg and then add the flour, cheese, and garlic powder. Add the salt and pepper. Begin mashing and mixing the mass with a fork to fully blend. It will be gloppy.

Add this mixture to the zucchini and gently toss and squish the mixture into the zucchini so it gets fairly well blended. You’ll see some globs but the idea is to keep that to a minimum.

Heat the ghee and the olive oil in a large saute pan until HOT. To check when it’s ready you’ll flick a little bit of water from your fingers into the pan. If it spits back at you, it’s ready to fry the zucchini pancakes.

I used a small ice cream scoop to life the batter from the bowl and gently lay it in the oil. Then I used the back of a measuring cup to press it down. You could do this with a spatula too. In my pan, I could fry four at a time.

Fry on the first side on medium for three minutes or until brown. Gently take your spatula and flip them over. Fry about two more minutes on the other side. Then gently take out and put on a plate and cover to keep warm.

Fry the others. If there is not enough oil/ghee, just add a bit more.

When they are all fried they are ready to serve hot. They are also good room temp.

Some people like a sauce. My husband mixed two parts mustard with one part mayo to make a dijonnaise.

I used a dollop of plain sour cream on mine. You could also use a favorite creamy dressing. Ranch is a good one. Your choice.




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