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Editor's Note: Enjoy this previously published column and recipe. Merry Christmas!

When I was a little girl, our Christmas was a bit different than what most families experience.

My mother would save having the big dinner for the weekend after Christmas. She was a generous woman; and when I tell you the story it will all make perfect sense.

I came from a big family with seven kids. There were the older ones and then me, and my brothers were at least five years younger than the rest.

So, when it came to Christmas dinner the older kids would have had to face the dilemma of where to eat if it were not for the creativity and generosity of my mom.

The boyfriends and girlfriends wanted my family members to come to THEIR house for the big meal. If my mom had insisted on hosting Christmas dinner ON Christmas, they would have had to choose. That can cause great consternation in some families. Not ours. My mom solved that by moving her dinner date. That way the older kids could eat the big meal over at the other house and when we gathered, they could all come to our place. That way all the older kids got to celebrate and feast twice and never both meals on the same day.


Us little kids just wanted to play with our new toys, so we hardly noticed the big kids were not around.

But that leaves the dilemma of what to feed us little kids. My mom solved that too, in grand fashion.

She made up a big batch of Sloppy Joes...

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