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Lemon Mousse Torte

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I’m one of those lucky people who can read a recipe and taste it in my head. I hope you are one too, but if you’re not, with a few guiding steps you can learn how to do it.

When you look on the internet (the world’s largest cookbook) these days, you’ll figure out there are duplications of recipes everywhere. Some of them are exact duplications and some have little tweaks to vary them to the taste or creativity of the cook.

What I do with recipes in my work with Plan Z is make them healthier by reducing the sugar and other carbs, while at the same time, maintaining the flavor boost. That means you CAN have dessert and still maintain your weight and keep your blood sugar in line.

Today I’m going to outline the process of how I Zolafy a dessert recipe in the hopes that I inspire you. For Plan Z there are almost 1000 recipes now! People tell us all the time that Plan Z doesn’t taste like a diet. They love that.

So let’s get started...

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Lemon Mousse Torte

For a “fancy” dessert, this one is easy to make. Just take your time and follow the directions. You’ll need a few pieces of equipment too but nothing super expensive.

I splurged on this dessert using a cookie base and also some white chocolate. That’s why it’s listed as Z3.5. It’s still a pretty low carb dessert if cut into small pieces. I used the Keebler Sandies because they are one of the lowest carb cookies I could find on the shelves that would work for a crust. Super yummy result.

Servings: Serves 16


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