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The Easiest Chocolate Mousse on the Planet

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People want to know how to keep from gaining the 6 – 7 pounds many do at the holidays. If you are determined not to gain weight over the holidays, this is how to do it:

1. Scope out the buffet.

Rather than just taking one thing after another, peruse the whole buffet first. Walk end to end. Count the options that are actually low carb and good for you. You might see you have lots of good options so you are less tempted to fall into a sugar trap.

2. Before you “dig in,” go get your drink.

Meet a couple of people. Start a conversation so you don’t end up in a corner with nothing to do but pick food off your plate.

3. Keep your hands full.

If you truly want to fend off the temptation, keep your hands full. Have your drink in one hand and if you’re a woman, have a purse in the other. A clutch keeps your other hand busy. Guys, it’s usually perfectly polite to have your other hand in your pants pocket.

4. Don’t arrive hungry...

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The Easiest Chocolate Mousse on the Planet

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Servings: Serves 3. Can be doubled.


1 tub of mascarpone cheese (8 oz). Find mascarpone in the chilled cheese section or near the sour cream. It’s yummy Italian; sort of like cream cheese only smoother
1 – 2 Tbl of Unsweetened cocoa
1 – 2 packets of Truvia
1 tsp of organic vanilla
1/3 cup of whipping cream


Remove the mascarpone from the carton and put it in a medium bowl. Add the other ingredients and stir thoroughly. The first look will be slightly soupy but you will put it into your serving dishes and back into the refrigerator to firm up. Even 30 minutes will be enough time back in the refrigerator. The reason I have a variable amount of cocoa and Truvia is because you get to decide how sweet you want it as well as how intense you like your chocolate flavor. Start with one of each and then taste. You can always add the second before you put them in your serving dishes.

This makes a third-cup portion per person. It’s not large but it goes a long way. This recipe would be great with berries or a bit of whipped cream on top too.



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