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Antipasti Ideas And Italian Shrimp Cocktail

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Bacon wrapped scallops or shrimp

Roasted veggies chunked with any sort of dipping or drizzling sauce

I love to build antipasti platters for parties. It makes a perfect appetizer course or just something to munch on while watching a big sporting event. There’s no perfect combination. My plan here is to give you some options for how you might go about picking antipasti items for your party platter...

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Italian Shrimp Cocktail

This is what I call cheating when I’m in a hurry. I use my favorite bottled Italian dressing as the marinade and everyone thinks I put so much effort into this really pretty dish. One of the other secrets to this dish is to serve it in a pretty bowl. Dieter Rachel served hers in a glass trifle bowl so the orange of the shrimp sparkled attractively from across a crowded room. Brilliant idea.

Servings: Serves 12 as part of a large cocktail party or six as a single appetizer.



1½ pounds large cooked shrimp, thawed and rinsed
1 large red bell pepper diced
1 bunch green onions trimmed and diced, include some of the green part
Italian dressing


Pile all of these items in a large zip lock bag. Pour half of the jar of Italian dressing in the bag about six hours before the party. Zip the bag tightly so there’s no leaking (if you worry about leaking, put the bag inside a bowl). Now, refrigerate. Whenever you open the refrigerator door to get something out just flip the bag over so all the shrimp get coated.

When party time comes put the shrimp in your display/serving bowl. If you think it needs a little more dressing, drizzle it on. It’s a lot easier to add more than it is to get it back off!

Serve chilled.



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