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The Kitchn: These one-bowl banana muffins are so easy

Patty Catalano, on

Every week I buy a bunch of bananas intending to eat them fresh, blend them into smoothies with peanut butter, and serve them as dessert (who could resist this banana pudding or this sky-high banana pudding pie?). Without fail, there are always several aggressively speckled, aromatic bananas left over. When that happens, there’s only one course of action: Bake them into breakfast!

Banana muffins make use of an ingredient that’s beyond its prime for eating out of hand, but is now perfect for giving muffins a naturally sweet fruit flavor. I love a thick slice of banana bread, but my kids are partial to banana muffins, which come together quickly and are perfect for busy mornings. I always have the ingredients, and the muffins are a cinch to make — that’s why I’m pulling them from the oven every single week.

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Key ingredients in banana muffins

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Banana Muffins


Makes 12

Cooking spray or paper muffin liners

8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter

4 very ripe large bananas


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