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Seriously Simple: Enjoy this yummy alternative to classic gazpacho

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Gazpacho usually means a tomato-based soup with bread and cucumbers. In Spain there is an offshoot of the tomatoey-garlic soup called Salmorejo, which uses plenty of olive oil to emulsify it all together.

Tasty, but richer, Salmorajo can be found in Cordoba, Spain, where the summers are unbearably hot. The locals keep this refrigerated soup at the ready for a satisfying and cool meal. In the same way that Spanish white gazpacho features cucumbers and grapes, this white gazpacho reinterprets that classic Spanish soup by adding yogurt, Marcona almonds and fresh green herbs, which lends some textural interest. Make sure to use Spanish sherry vinegar and Marcona almonds for their distinctive rich flavor, if available.

The slightly sweet green grapes and the vibrant green European cucumber offer a pale creamy green color to the soup. I like to garnish soups with ingredients that are already in the soup; the grapes and almonds along with the green herbs offer an enticing finish to the soup here.

If you are making this up ahead, make sure to add the almonds just before serving so they don’t soften. Also, season to taste after it is refrigerated.

Guests will be happily surprised with this take on gazpacho for its cool and refreshing affect as the days get hotter. I might serve this with a charcuterie platter with sliced meats and cheeses of your choice and a variety of breads for a small lunchtime gathering, or as a prelude to dinner. It is the perfect beginning for paella or any grilled fish or poultry.

White Gazpacho


Serves 6

2 medium garlic cloves, ends discarded

1 European cucumber, halved lengthwise and seeded

1 1/4 cup green grapes


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