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Environmental Nutrition: Never eschew a cashew!

By Lori Zanteson on

--1 oz (28 g), raw - Calories: 155

--Protein: 5 g (10 percent DV)

--Vitamin K: 10 mcg (12 percent DV)

--Iron: 2 mg (10 percent DV)

--Magnesium: 82 mg (20 percent DV)

--Phosphorus: 166 mg (17 percent DV)

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--Zinc: 2 mg (11 percent DV)

--Copper: 0.6 mg (31 percent DV)

--Manganese: 0.5 mg (23 percent DV)

Note: g=gram, mcg=microgram, mg=milligram, DV=Daily Value, based on 2,000 calories/day, oz=ounce


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