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Gadgets: Pet grooming kit, smart lock


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Ultenic has launched the P30 pet grooming and drying 6-in-1 vacuum kit.

The do-it-yourself kit is designed to avoid expensive trips to the salon for your four-legged family members. It includes a variety of attachments for all grooming needs, from full-body cuts to more exact trims.

An instant problem one would see with home pet grooming is the hair and how to keep it from spreading all over the house while cutting. The P30 has 20,000 Pa strong suction power. For reference, Pa is short for Pascal Pressure Unit; the higher the number, the more suction power. Home vacuums have a range of 20,000 Pa to 30,000 Pa. So, with strong suction, the P30 is stated to collect 99% of the pet hair groomed and put it in a two-liter dust bin.

There are eight power modes for two types of brushes to remove loose hair, knots and tangles. The de-shedding brush is widely used for this purpose, while the fine bristles penetrate deep into the pet's coat in hard-to-reach places without scratching the pet.

Other included accessories are an electric clipper with choices of five varying lengths, built with safe sharp blades for trimming and shaping a pet's fur. It has a five-foot hose, which is excellent for bigger pets and reaching distant areas without constantly moving the vacuum.

An LED touchscreen controls and customizes your settings. The portable vacuum measures 18.19-by-14.25-by-8.82 inches and weighs 28 pounds. A scald-resistant cloth is included for the safety of the pet and the groomer to prevent accidental burns.

When the grooming is completed, the integrated hair dryer with two nozzle shapes finishes the process. There are three drying temperature levels and a low-noise output of 50dB. For pet hair left behind around the house, the P30 includes a creative nozzle to vacuum carpets, beds, and furniture. $169.99


The SwitchBot Lock Pro is a retrofit smart lock designed to make traditional deadbolt door locks smarter. It does not require drilling or removing any locks in place; instead, it upgrades existing and older door locks.

It's designed to be installed by the user without needing a professional handyman, but that is always an option. The SwitchBot Lock Pro comes with tailored adapters to assist in the installation of almost instant cylinder changes. In a nutshell, this transforms traditional locks into a smart lock in about five minutes.

The Lock Pro motor has a large amount of torque for a strong and smooth lock. It offers 15 different unlocking solutions. These include one-time or temporary passcodes, unlocking remotely from a phone, Apple Watch or with voice commands. It's designed to adapt to the user and work with your preferred system.

The smart lock is constructed with aluminum alloy and has nine months of battery life, powered by four AA batteries. The SwitchBot Lock Pro Dual rechargeable power pack will provide up to 12 months of unlocking. When one of the batteries in the power pack runs out of power, a notification will let you know it needs charging, with another battery in the pack providing locking and unlocking power.

Low-power notifications can be sent via email or the app. Sound reminders are heard when it gets unlocked, and Auto-Lock locks it shortly after it gets unlocked.

SwitchBot Lock Pro ($119.99) works with multiple lock types worldwide to easily upgrade older door locks to smart locks. If the existing lock works with a key, users will likely still be able to use it. Fingerprint recognition has a 0.3-second recognition time and storage for up to 100 fingerprints. The SwitchBot site has a complete lock compatibility list and an installation video.

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