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Stranded cat avoids rescue by jumping from atop utility pole


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(UPI) A Newfoundland cat who took issue with an attempt to rescue him from atop a utility pole took a flying leap from the top of the pole -- and the incident was caught on camera.

Alice Reid said her cat, Coco, was likely chased up the pole by a neighborhood dog and he spent two hours crying for help from atop the pole before a rescue effort was launched by utility workers.

Reid filmed video of the attempted rescue and captured the moment Coco evaded the grasp of workers by taking a flying leap from the top of the pole.

"I never, in a million years, thought that he was going to jump on his own," Reid told CTV News.

Reid said Coco took off running after landing on the ground and later showed up at home, miraculously uninjured.


"He came up the step and went on in," she said. Then he lied down on the floor and started washing himself like, you know, nothing ever happened.

Reid said the daredevil cat is on house arrest for the time being.

"He's crying to get outdoors and I'm trying to keep him in," she said. He's going to have to get used to being in the house more.

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