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Dog lost at Atlanta airport found three weeks later


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(UPI) A dog that escaped from its crate at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been found after three weeks on the loose at the hub.

Paula Rodriguez said she and her dog, Maia, were flying from the Dominican Republic to San Francisco, but she learned during a layover in Atlanta that her tourist visa wasn't approved by border officials.

Rodriguez had to spend the night at a Customs and Border Protection facility to await a flight home the next day, and Delta Airlines took custody of Maia, telling Rodriguez the canine would meet her at the gate the next day.

Rodriguez said Maia was not at the gate the following day, and she only later learned the canine had escaped.

A Delta spokesperson confirmed to CBS News that Maia had escaped "while teams were transporting the pet in the operations area outside of terminal buildings."

Robin Allgood, who works to find lost dogs, put up flyers around the airport and received a call Saturday that Maia had been spotted.


She arrived to find airport workers and a wildlife biologist trying to get Maia out from under a large rack designed for cargo containers.

Allgood crawled under the rack and was able to secure Maia.

The airport shared a photo of Maia on social media.

"Tired but in apparent good health, she was transported to a vet and is expected to return home soon," the post said.

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